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Gravity Files APK

Gravity Files APK v1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download


9 June 2024 (6 days ago)

App Name Gravity Files APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 9 June 2024
Publisher CritBlix
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Racing
Size 551 MB
3.9/5 Rating (19)

Gravity Files APK is an anime parody game. Where you play as a new arrival to the city, intent on discovering its secrets. Along your journey you will meet various characters with stories to tell. Also battle foes, and uncover mysteries. That can only be solved by unraveling the deep lore tied to the city and its inhabitants.

Gravity Files APK offers plenty of brain-teasing puzzles for players to solve as they progress through gripping storylines. Also, along exciting adventures full of intrigue and mystery. That will keep them guessing until the end. With tons of NPCs providing assistance along your journey and unexpected plot twists bringing. All-new challenges thrown your way, no one session will ever feel like another.  

Monsters are everywhere in Gravity City. So prepare yourself for thrilling battles alongside your trusty allies as you try to save it from ruin. Overcome powerful bosses using strategy card packs packed with special ability cards. That can also be used during puzzle solving stages; each character has unique abilities. That give them special advantages when strategic combinations are made.

About Gravity Files APK

As you search around Gravities City various size objects dropped by enemies open up numerous options for puzzle solving, collectables. This include rare items or points awarded upon complete levels reward new gameplay possibilities. Such as refreshing equipment or learning new skills which bring more abilities to choose from during combat sequences. Earn different trophies depending on how well you solve puzzles. These rewards unlock exclusive costumes for either character making them even more formidable opponents. Against baddies trying to destroy Gravity City’s inhabitants.

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Compete against other players online when sufficient data is available – teamwork will prove invaluable. Due to varied difficulties associated with certain levels. Take turns playing both Asagi and Rin which allows for problem-solving techniques when tackling tricky stages featured within multiplayer mode too; co-op mode reveals secrets not seen before whilst engaging in friendly competitive activities allows multiple players to compare their own achievements made within weeks or months timeline periods set out upon joining this impressive gaming featurette hub available now through The Nether Network app store.

Features of the Gravity Files APK

  • Create Your Own Character:

    The high-quality character editor allows you to create the character of your dreams, with a vast selection of options that can be tweaked to bring it to life and make it look exactly how you’d like them to. Whether you want a dashing hero or an anti-hero, you are sure to find something that suits your tastes perfectly and makes playing all the more fun.

    • Unique Gameplay:

     Gravity Files app offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience due to its wild adventurous quest and unpredictable plot twists making for an entertaining experience each time. Players will explore the city’s secrets as they travel through different districts and meet unique characters all the while facing off against mysterious foes along the journey.

    • Time Management System:

    This feature gives gamers greater control over how their character performs throughout their progression in the game by using a timescale system allowing for players to manage their time effectively such as setting alarms or take naps when needed.

    • Crafting and Collecting:

    As you progress on your journey, several items become available to help empower your character’s attack power including weapons, armor, accessories, consumables and talismans that offer special effects like stat boosts or temporary invincibility. To further enhance customisation there is also a powerful crafting system which requires collecting various items around different branches of Tokyo underground facilities so you are constantly striving forward in the game world.

    Additional Features

    • Riveting Storyline:

    No RPG would be complete without an extraordinary storyline which this title truly delivers on! It has been carefully crafted with realistic social elements such as decisions made having long lasting impacts on other characters as well as dialogue written according to personalities presented within each character adding extra layers of immersion for longer play sessions.

    • Diverse Cast Of Characters:

    As gamers traverse through this virtual heist simulator they will encounter numerous characters each with fully fleshed out designs, backstories, obstacles able relationships plus intense fight sequences scattered across this secure virtual network known only as “Gravity Files”, Experience one of these urban mysteries by taking part in this enormous conspiracy with colorful individuals who provide unique ways of dealing with danger.


    Moreover, enjoy fluid animations created by state-of-the art 3D technology while basking in electronic music soundtracks engineered specifically for optimal gameplay experiences making it easy to feel right at home within world rendered in neutral colors influenced by cyberpunk themes ensuring every moment spent playing Gravity Files will be an unforgettable one.

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