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Guzheng Master APK v4.9 (Latest Version) Free Download

Sensor Notes Global

8 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Guzheng Master APK
Latest Version v4.9
Last Updated 8 May 2023
Publisher Sensor Notes Global
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Music & Audio
0/5 Rating (0)

Guzheng Master APK is the top of musical apps for fans of the Chinese plucked zither device. It is an innovative tool that allows users to enjoy the splendor of conventional Chinese musical tool on their cellular devices. This cutting edge application has a complete 21-string Guzheng with various playing strategies for each the left and right hands. With Guzheng APK, customers can effortlessly jam; play riffs, tabs, and chords on-the-go, without the need to hold a physical tool around. The app additionally boasts an instructions mode for smooth learning, track video games for practice, and the potential to document audio at the same time.

Additionally, the Guzheng Master APK gives the power of playing over 650,000 songs from track songbooks, making it a fundamental device for each novice and expert gamers alike. The app supports multi-contact, drag and swipe gestures, and features a flexible Guzheng view that allows smooth scrolling and zooming with drag and pinch gestures. With its progressive and exciting features and user- friendly interface, the Guzheng Master APK is a must have application for all seeking to discover the realm of conventional Chinese music.

About the Guzheng Master APK

Guzheng APK is a game changer application for all individuals who love learning and playing music and are inquisitive about playing a conventional Chinese musical device known as Guzheng. This innovative application has turned the tables in the realm of virtual musical instruments. It has a real and immersive digital Guzheng playing experience, making it the suitable app for each expert Guzheng players and novices alike.

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One of the standout features of Guzheng Master APK is its ability to provide a complete 21-string Guzheng simulation, entire with playing strategies for each left and right-hand gamers. Users can without problems learn and practice unique p laying strategies like Pluck, Tremolo, Overtone, Pitch slide, Small-Vibrato, Big-Vibrato, and Tap Pitch, making it an exceedingly flexible and beneficial device for aspiring Guzheng players.

Moreover, the application has numerous playing modes and training modes, designed to assist players exercise and enhance their capabilities in a friendly and easy manner. With the app’s track games, customers can venture themselves to play at the side of over 650,000 songs from track songbooks, even as the training mode gives a simple and intuitive control to discover ways to play the device .The Guzheng APK additionally has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with multi- touch and swipe support, allowing customers to navigate and manage the device without problems. Users can also send their audio even as playing, allowing them to percentage their performances with buddies or examine their playing skills for self-improvement.

In conclusion, the Guzheng Master APK is an extremely good virtual musical application that takes conventional music playing to the subsequent level. With its innovative features, immersive gameplay, and intuitive interface, it is essential for everyone inquisitive about gaining knowledge of and learning the artwork of playing Guzheng.

Features of the application

Full string Guzheng with 21 strings

The application features a sensitive simulation of a Guzheng, with all 21 strings and a complete variety of notes.

Playing strategies for each hands

Guzheng Master APK permits for a huge variety of playing strategies, along with Pluck, Tremolo, Overtone, Pitch slide, Small-Vibrato, Big-Vibrato, and Tap pitch strategies, among others.

Lesson mode

Lessons mode This game also presents step by step commands and exercise physical games for novices to discover ways to play the Guzheng.

Recording functionality

Users can record their audio while playing, allowing them to evaluate their performances and proportion them with others.


Guzheng Master APK is a splendid app for everyone who loves Chinese conventional music tracks or desires to discover ways to play the Guzheng. It gives a sensitive simulation of a Guzheng with a complete variety of notes and playing strategies for each hand. The app consists of a training mode for beginners, track video games for practice, and recording capability for overall performance evaluate and share. Overall, Guzheng Master APK is a fantastic device for everyone seeking to enhance their Guzheng playing abilities.

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