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Heart Problems APK v0.8 [Latest Version] Download


20 April 2024 (3 months ago)

App Name Heart Problems
Latest Version v0.8
Last Updated 20 April 2024
Publisher Xenorav
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Simulation
Size 1.21 GB
4.3/5 Rating (22)

Heart Problems APK is one of the simulation games. That is loved by people belonging to every age group. As it has many engaging stories that keep players busy with the game for a longer period. It revolves around the story of Iker. Who is a college student whose mother left him when he was just 12. He has not heard any news from her ever since she disappeared. Additionally, he frequently visits his uncle who lives nearby. He grew up under the protection of his uncle whose family consists of two daughters and his wife.

Moreover, the game takes many turns and consists of many erotic adult scenes. That are erotic and not recommended for players who are under 18 years of age. Iker was away from his college and the story begins when he completes his education. And gets back to his home to live with his uncle and his family. Back home, everyone is waiting for him to return from college. They have prepared lots of surprises for him as they are seeing him after a long time. 

About the Heart Problems APK

Heart Problems APK contains several features which can interest you. If you like having games that come with advanced 3D graphics and amazing controls. This game has been designed to fulfill both your lust for erotic scenes and your thirst for an incredible game. 

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What is new in the game?

  • Animations 

The animations and graphics are two departments. That hold primary importance in gameplay. And every developer tries his level best to satisfy his customer with creativity and skills.

  • Resolution 

After animation and graphics, the third important thing is resolution. As the game has to be compatible with android devices having a variety of screen resolutions. And adjusting to all of them, is not child’s play. But worry not because this game has all the solutions for you if you have this concern. 

  • Character 

The characters are the central instruments in a game. So you will be delighted to know that this game has cute and nice characters integrated. Apart from this, you can also design the characters for yourself. If you want to do that because some users like playing with their characters. So you will be able to do that in this. 

Features of Heart Problems APK

  • Adult game

The game falls in the adult category as it contains erotic and sexual content. That could be disturbing to people below 18 years of age. So, if you fall under this age group then it is highly recommended to you not install. Or use this game as it can disturb your mental health.

  • Graphics 

Games like these are required to keep their graphics up to scratch. So, that the users who are only using this platform for satisfying their lust. Then they should approve of the utility they are getting by using the app. Otherwise if the graphics are not good then the game cannot create a huge impact.

  • Free of cost

This application does not ask you to pay anything or buy a subscription. Because it is a free platform and offered several characteristics in the game. It can be accessed without paying anything at all. 

  • Mod app

Another best thing about the game is that this is a mod app. Which means all the restrictions have been lifted which were being put on the users in the original app have. 


Heart Problems APK is a stunning platform for lovers of adult games. As they are getting a wonderful game with lustful storylines. That consists of Iker as the protagonist and his female cousins as the supporting characters. 

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