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Her New Memory APK

Her New Memory APK v1.0.998 (Latest Version) – Free Download


18 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Her New Memory APK
Latest Version v1.0.998
Last Updated 18 October 2023
Publisher StoryTaco.inc
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 968.4 MB
3.8/5 Rating (42)

The game that we are offering you this time is about the anime world. Anime characters have a huge fan base around the world and people are obsessed with them. At any stage of your life, you must have also seen anime-related stuff and there are bright chances that you must have fallen in love with some because they are sweet and attractive. Her New Memory APK is a new and exciting anime game that started making rounds right after its release, it was released a few months ago and it has been able to grab a decent market share in a short period.

The game offers unique and improved features like customization features, new challenges, and much more. You will be able to get a clear idea about the game as you go through this entire article, we have tried our best to cover all the topics and features. You must be familiar with the concept of the anime arena. The idea originated in Japan and it was so fascinating that it instantly spread to the surrounding countries like China and Korea because of the cultural similarities and other reasons. Nowadays, people from other nations also love watching anime videos and love playing anime games. This game is a continuation of our anime games playlist that provides you with the best anime games that are being developed by people in the market. 

About Her New Memory APK

This game is about a young woman who leaves her old city and moves to Tokyo in search of a better lifestyle than she was having in her old city. This woman is our protagonist whom you will be playing because this is a role-playing game and you have to look after all the controls. See how things take a turn for the woman as she tries adapting to the environment of the new city and making new friends. People in metropolitan areas cannot be trust easily because everyone works for their vested interests. That is why the woman will be facing different issues while living in the new city.

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Her New Memory APK has all new and improved graphics which come in a 3D version. 3D games are in demand these days and developers are experiencing huge competition in this area which is why they have made sure that the graphics of this game are up to scratch and meet the users’ expectations. 

Features of Her New Memory APK

  • RPG

The platform is a role-playing game that allows you to play as a woman in the game who has left her home city and moved to Tokyo, Japan’s capital city. You will assist the woman in adjusting to the new environment, making new friends, and taking on new challenges. 

  • Character 

There are no restrictions on the character selection, you are completely free about choosing what you want to play as. The game allows you to customize the characters and edit them as you like before starting the game. You will have different and unique editing options. 

  • Anime game 

Everyone knows The Anime world nowadays and millions of people play their games. This is also an anime game that features characters that originated from the concept of anime. 


Download Her New Memory APK, this is a brand-new anime game that we are adding to our site. This has a huge fan following because of the perfect graphics and other stuff. Moreover, there are no charges for playing the game, because this is a free platform that enables people to get unlimited entertainment without losing any money.   

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    wow good game

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    9 months ago

    Good game