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Herr Anwalt spiel APK

Herr Anwalt spiel APK v0.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download


21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Herr Anwalt spiel APK
Latest Version v0.1
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher YGameStudios
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

A game on what the students go through when they are in a dysfunctional school whose heads and the administration are abusing the rights of the students could be fun and also a source to learn from. The school systems all over the world are not yet inclusive. Most of the schools in developing countries and almost all of the schools in under developed countries have this issue of misconducting the authority they have and produce so much chaos in overall development of societies. This is the core and grass root level problem of all the under developed and dysfunctional societies built in the developing countries.

The Herr Anwalt spiel APK is a new and amazing approach to be a hero who protects the rights of the students in schools. You have t play as a lawyer to do this heroic work. The game is a legal simulation that even can have better impression on you as a person and a real world problem solver. If you had a privilege of being in good school then the application is a source to have a good look in the student lives of different people who got victimized and understand the dysfunctional education system they had as trauma.

About the Herr Anwalt spiel APK

Herr Anwalt spiel APK is a real life legal simulation where you as a player are a hero who protects the rights of students in schools. The authority of the school is abusing the authority by abolishing their rights and even harassing them by putting overwhelming pressure on the students in various ways. It is you that provides the learners or the students to fight for their rights along you.

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The application gives you access to the school after the court combats. You will have to collect the evidences. Solve puzzles and find the victims to sort out the problems causing so concern to the students. You come across a lot of hindrances and obstacles during this noble work in form of different people and can hinder your progress.

Fight the anatomy of the kingship of the headmaster by your fighting skills even such steps are required to get through it and the fools of the headmasters need a physical punishment to get update.

Background of the Herr Anwalt spiel APK

There is a headmaster that uses his authority so bad and rules the school with iron fists. He oppresses the students and kills their rights by harassing them under pressure. As a law person or lawyer you have the compassion and the profession to get these students gets out of the bottomless pit of this harassment.

You will go through the case, collect the required evidences and use your acrobatics to fight out of the situations like when the dog slaves of the headmaster try to beat you or execute you. You receive a call for help and find out the solution to the problem. Here you have to fight with the bodyguards and general guards of the school, regardless of your profession, to get out of some situations.

The school has teachers who are insane and are more bodyguards then they are teachers and you have to stop them before they done any harm to any child so, you are the one who would fight for this. The application is an adventurous game for android and propels a noble cause and ideology.


This is an amazing game that helps you identify the misconduct of school authorities and beware of the consequences that can get ignition. Herr Anwalt spiel APK proposes you to play for a noble cause as a lawyer and go for the rights of the students who are victims, who are oppressed and harassed.

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