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Hole House Game APK v0.1.65 [Latest Version] Download


27 April 2024 (2 months ago)

App Name Hole House Game
Latest Version v0.1.65
Last Updated 27 April 2024
Publisher DotArtNSFW
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 522 MB
4.2/5 Rating (27)

Hole House Game APK can help you with many of things, like one of the hobbies that most people have these days is playing video games when they are having leisure time. To make that time more special, we bring to you the most loved and anticipated apps and video games so that you enjoy whatever thing you are doing. Keeping that promise alive, we have brought to you an amazing video game this time that is going to be in the adult or 18+ category. Most probably, you must be a fan of adult games if you have come to this page. We ensure that the users get joyful and entertaining stuff when they show trust in our services.

Hole House APK introduces you to a brothel business that consists of many beautiful young women. You can find women of all ages if you pay a visit to the brothel after downloading the game. But here is the twist, you are not going to be one of the customers in this game instead you are going to take over the entire business with a vision to rebuild it and make if profitable. From the last few years, the business is consistently performing worst which is why the old owner has decided to give up on his business and sell it to you. Now, its up to you how you deal with the crisis situation and make things better again.

About the Hole House Game APK

Hole House APK is one of the great adult games where you are provided a chance to stay with girls and interact with them to see what they reveal to you. Convincing girls to do stuff is not easy and if you think that you possess that skill then we welcome you to the house of unexpectedness where you can employ many girls for yourself. Moreover, you are free to do anything with the girls until and unless they stop you from doing anything because this game gives domination to the girls and they are masters and do anything. You have to be nice to them and convince them to do what you want them to do. 

In this game, your job is that of an aging brothel manager. The brothel has been taken over by a new owner and he aims to rebuild everything from scratch so that he could increase the profitability of the business. The brothel is currently running at a low labor rate and it expects you to increase the amount of labor as you join as a recruit. Before joining the business, you will have to prove yourself and tell them if you are worth hiring. The business is going through a tough time and it desperately needs new girls so that it could start earning some profit for smooth running.

More About The App

In Hole House, you will be giving innovative offers to the girls so that they could join the business, you can offer a raise in pay, any personal promise, or another gain so that they get convinced because bringing new girls is inevitable for the survival of the business. Apart from bringing in new faces, your responsibility also includes the development of business infrastructure as the brothel is in a devastating condition. This will require a lot of funds but do not worry because funds are never going to be an obstacle. After all, this is a mod version in which you are free to upgrade and use all the features for free.

New Version of Hole House APK

The customers of the brothel are not happy with the services, now that you have taken over the business so they are expecting some improvements from you. Obviously, to lift up the devastating condition, you need to make some major amendments first of which is improving the decorations of the brothel because for every brothel the decorations are the key because it is the basic thing that attracts customers in the first hand. If you put up to the expectations of your customer, then you would successfully fulfil the first goal towards the profitability of your business.

HoleHouse APK does not leave the players on their own. It keeps instructing the players as they continue completing different missions, these instructions are crucial to the successful gaming because they give you the main insights about how can the game be played perfectly. Do not miss the initial tutorials if you want to outperform the former owner of the brothel which is something that you are playing this game for. Moreover, you will be notified via a pop up notification about the mistakes that you will commit while solving different financial problems.

Features of Hole House APK

  • Free of cost

Many users find it difficult to pay heavy charges for different games online but this is not going to be the issue this time because we have brought to you a wonderful and free adult game that does not charge a penny.

  • Adult category

The game falls under the 18+ category that is restricted to people who are under 18 years of age. If you are one of them then we recommend you not to download such content because it can damage your mind and affect your mental health.

  • Language 

You can play the game in more than one language. This is a great opportunity for people who do not understand the English language, now they can play and enjoy the game in their language. 

More Features

More Features

1. 18+

The game is specially for adults as it consists of intimate scenes and pictures that can be harmful for the minds of users below the age of 18. Moreover, the main concept is something that children should not know about.

2. Scenes

At many of the stages, erotic and intimate scenes have been shown without any censorship, this is great for users who frequently play adult games and they have interest in seeing such scenes in games.

3. Controlling the brothel

You are the administrator of the brothel, you will have the authority to hire and fire employees. But make sure to take intelligent decisions as your decisions directly impact your performance in the game.

4. Dating

You can introduce the dating option for the customers to visit more. If they get the freedom they want with the girls, they will feel easy and free while visiting the brothel in the future that is why this feature is important.

5. Customization

Like we have discussed in the previous versions of this game, you can customize various settings in this game as well. The most important is the outfits of the female employees that you have hired.


Download Hole House APK and get the joy of playing and staying with young and beautiful women. You will be managing the brothel business of a business tycoon who has bought the business recently. Hole House APK is a brothel business game that is in a worst condition and on the verge of getting destroyed because of the loses it has brought to the owners. Give it your best shot and show the world that how a destroyed business can be reshaped and made bear fruit when there is no hope left. You must take bold decisions to make this thing real. Take these decisions and proof your worth.

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