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Hotflix APK v1.4.4 (Latest Version) – Download for Android


21 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Hotflix APK
Latest Version v1.4.4
Last Updated 21 March 2023
Publisher Hotflix
Requires Android 4.4 and up
1/5 Rating (1)

When you’re bored and can’t find any entertainment, you should watch some of your favorite series and movies, but you don’t always have access to the streaming applications you want. To solve this problem, we brought to you a fantastic app called Hotflix. This app contains movies and TV shows from Hollywood and Bollywood. Hotflix APK is wonderful video streaming software that you may use on your Android device. Because it gets updates often, you can watch new episodes and movies first using this app. Content dramas, biographies, crime, thrillers, comedies, horrors, adventures, romances, westerns, cartoons, and families are just a few examples. With Hotflix APK, you will get access to all the entertainment content under one platform. The application provides you with lots of features that can facilitate your experience of using the app smoothly.

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About Hotflix APK

Hotflix APK is a fantastic tool that has been able to merge channels from all around the world. People will be able to watch over 1000 channels, live programs, and high-quality movies without any issues. This software allows users to watch a large library of high-quality movies and television series on their mobile devices. It’s an entertaining software that allows you to watch live TV, sports events, and free TV series. You may select from a huge number of channels from the United Kingdom, the United States, the United States of America, India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern nations, Turkey, and numerous other countries in the app.

Moreover, this is excellent software that will provide you with the greatest possible experience. This app, which is simple to use and customize-able, may be transformed into a little TV with subscriptions to all channel packages from around the world. You’ll see a search box where you may type in the name of the channel, show, or movie you wish to view. If the channel of your choice is not on our list, you may ask the Hotflix App development team to add it. To make your request, enter the title of the movie or TV show and click the submit button. The Hotflix App’s engineers will make every effort to incorporate that channel as soon as possible. You can also discover the world’s top radio stations. This app includes everything you want to hear monthly. You can quickly update all songs or tracks via radio mode if you want.

Features of Hotflix APK

Channels collection: You will have access to a vast array of over 1000 channels. You can view any channel at any time.

Streaming Links: The app provides various links for users, and if one of the links is not functioning, you may switch to another.

In-Built Player: The app has built-in support for a variety of media players, including MX Player, X Player, and VLC Player.

NO CHARGE: There is no need to join up for or subscribe to the application. It is an entirely free procedure.

Regular Updates: The Maintenance team adds new channels and connections regularly and updates the app as quickly and smoothly as possible.

No-Ads: The developers have worked on the app and are successful to ban and cut-off all the unnecessary advertisements from the app. You will not be bothered by any type of add anymore.


Hotflix is a Netflix clone that has all the fundamental features that Netflix provides. Users may join up, sign in, create, amend, and remove their profiles, as well as view the most recent TV episodes and movies. You will get access to all of your favorite entertainment without any restrictions. What you need to do is download the Hotflix APK and enjoy your day.

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