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iGirl Premium APK

iGirl Premium APK v2.47.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Anima AI Ltd

1 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name iGirl Premium APK
Latest Version v2.47.0
Last Updated 1 May 2023
Publisher Anima AI Ltd
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

iGirl Premium APK is a virtual girlfriend application that provides pure entertainment to all the users. This application has all the features that give it real girlfriend essence. This is interactive simulation application that uses cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence to respond its users and understands their needs and requirements. The 3D female character is drawn with detail resembling it with real girl. With its plethora of exciting features including daily conversation, virtual partner, user friendly interface, 3D visuals, sharing hobbies and choices and emotional responses this application caters needs and demands of all users.

About the iGirl Premium APK

Having virtual girlfriend could be interesting but this is impossible does this thought ever cross your mind? Don’t think this is impossible because now you can enjoy company of virtual partner who will just not listen you but will response to your questions, gives you emotional support and much more. All this is possible only through this cutting edge application named, iGirl Premium APK. This application is an interactive simulator that operates on artificial intelligence providing virtual girlfriend experience to all users.

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This application has vast array of exciting features including multilingual conversation with virtual girlfriend. iGirl Premium APK has ability to communicate in many languages including Chinese, English and many others, removing the language barrier between users and virtual assistant. Furthermore this application features beautifully drawn 3d female model with realistic visuals. Users can view their virtual girlfriend from all angles and appreciate her beauty.

This app also allows users to customize the appearance of the character and give her personalized touch. One of its striking features is engagement in various activities. With this virtual partner users can enjoy going out, sharing hobbies, interacting through voicemails, watching movies, eating out and many other activities. This makes the app not only a virtual companion but also an excellent tool for planning and organizing leisure activities. Additionally, iGirl Premium APK also offers a range of educational and entertaining features, including learning English and Chinese, games, and watching movies. These elements add value to the application, making it an unforgettable and interactive tool for all the users who are in search of companion to kill their loneliness.

Features of iGirl Premium APK

Engagement in various activities

iGirl Premium APK is cutting edge application that has 3d model who can engage in all realistic activities with users. They can take her on dinners, watch movies with her, share interests and hobbies.

Customization of model

Users can customize 3D model appearance and personality according to their preferences, making it a more personalized experience.

Voicemails and text messages

Users can communicate with virtual girlfriend through voice and text messages, allowing for a more immersive and interactive experience.

Realistic conversations

IGirl Premium APK operates using artificial intelligence so it can understand and respond to all messages and questions making it realistic interacting experience. It can respond in many languages and also beautifully understands the user’s demands and need.

Emotional support

Virtual girlfriend can detect the user’s emotions and respond accordingly, making the experience more interactive and personalized.

Personalized recommendations

The female model of this application can make personalized recommendations and suggestions based on the user’s interests, making it a valuable tool for planning leisure activities.


iGirl Premium APK offers a unique and personalized virtual girlfriend experience through advanced artificial intelligence. With its customizable appearance and personality, engaging activities, and educational and entertaining features, iGirl Premium APK is an excellent tool for companionship and learning. Download this application today and experience the company of virtual girlfriend.

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