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Inattv22 APK v9.8 (Latest Version) – Free Download

ShadowApps Studio

1 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Inattv22 APK
Latest Version v9.8
Last Updated 1 April 2023
Publisher ShadowApps Studio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Inattv22 APK is android streaming application that provides you access to your favorite tv channels on the go with convenience anywhere and anytime. Through this application users have access to dramas, news, tv shows, documentaries, sports, religious documentaries and much more. Inattv22 APK has plethora of content options for its users to watch tv shows and channels. Moreover, users can easily find the desired content by filtering the type and genre they like to watch. Through this application users can also view movies and tv shows in multiple languages. So, worry not if your favorite show is not in your native language with the help of this application you can view in your desired language. So, if you are tired of cable packages and want to get something handy and convenient for entertainment cause then try this application, you won’t disappoint.

About Inattv22 APK

Technology has provided cost effective and reliable entertainment sources to users. The realm of entertainment has undergone splendid transformation over the years. With the development of digital platforms and advent of internet and technology people’s way of consuming entertainment and content has also changes. So, to cater the need of todays hour new streaming applications are launched but best application of them all is Inattv22 APK.

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This application allows users to watch live dramas, live sports, documentaries, movies, cartons, and news. Now they don’t have to rely on bothersome cables for watching live shows. Inattv22 APK has vast library of content of all the possible genres, including comedy, anime, tv shows, news and sports. Moreover, this application also provides subtitles to content so, if your favorite show is not in your native language, you can easily add subtitles to it. This feature eliminates the language barrier and allows everyone to enjoy their favorite channels and shows in the preferred language. Users can get access to all the new uploads and unlike the traditional cable they can also pause and rewind the live shows. One of the striking feature of this application is that it gives access to live sports and catch up your favorite sports regardless of your location.

Features of Inattv22 APK

Live sports

Does your cable package betray you whenever its hot peak season of sports by showing glitches, worry not download this application and enjoy smooth and seamless sports streaming. Users can enjoy their favorite sport without any interruption and catch up all the important details of games.

Extensive library of content

One of the striking features of this streaming application is that it has vas content library. Users can select the desired content of any specific genre and enjoy their time. This application offers tv shows, dramas, religious shows, documentaries, live sports, news and even cartoons for kids. This has everything for every age group.

Recommendation features

Users often struggle to find the interesting title. This application offers advanced search and recommend new things to watch according to previous searches. Some applications even use machine learning algorithms to recommend content based on the user’s previous viewing history.

Flexible interface

Unlike the cable packages this application offers greater degree of flexibility. Users can watch their preferred content anywhere and anytime they want. Unlike the traditional tv channels they can pause the live shows and rewind if they have missed any important detail.


Inattv22 APK is best streaming application that gives access to live sports, dramas, news, and recorded shows. This application has flexible user interface, simple controls, and exclusive recommendation features along with advanced search option. So, users can enjoy seamless and smooth entertainment without any glitches and interruption regardless of their location.

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