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Instpower APK v2.12.2 (Latest Version) – Download for Free


4 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Instpower APK
Latest Version v2.12.2
Last Updated 4 February 2023
Publisher Instpower
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Travel & Local
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Thanks to advanced technologies like fast charging capabilities, efficiency levels are increased regardless of how much time has passed since the last charge session. This means that with Instpower’s services, you can get back up and running much faster. Using a shared power bank rather than purchasing your own helps conserve energy and reduce waste in the process. With Instpower’s services, powerbanks are being used more efficiently and with less of a burden on natural resources. By using a shared powerbank instead of buying your own, you save money on electricity bills and battery replacement costs. Not to mention, Instpower APK doesn’t charge extra fees for sharing power banks to its clients, so you’ll definitely be saving some cash.

About Instpower APK

With Instpower Apk, you can conveniently charge your device wherever and whenever you need it. All you need to do is find the nearest power bank-sharing station, plug in your device, and let the app handle the rest. The user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use when it comes to the sign-up process or finding nearby locations for charging needs, no prior experience required.

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We prioritize safety at all times, all exposed metal parts have ground wires insulated with heat shrink tubing for extra durability and protection from any potential dangers or hazards that could occur in an uncontrolled environment while using our services. Additionally, our safety protocols require all equipment to pass through strict inspections before returning them back onto the market for consumers’ use which ensures overall quality assurance throughout our operations here at Instpower app.

Features of the Instpower APK

  1. Universal Compatibility:

The app is designed to be compatible with any device, from smartphones and tablets to wearables and cameras. You can easily charge your devices through the app or via a shared power bank.

  • Express Charge:

With Instpower, you can charge your device quickly as it is equipped with an extra-high current output feature. This will keep your device powered up in just minutes regardless of how much charge it has left.

  • Location Share:

The app also allows you to share your exact location with other users, making it easier for them to find nearby power banks and benefit from the sharing services provided by Instpower. It also ensures that you are always within easy reach of a charging station if needed.

  • Nearby Power Banks:

Through the app, you can discover available power banks across your city or locations where you plan to stay in the near future all at once. Simply check out our interactive map to locate and connect with these sources right away, wherever life takes you. 

Additional Features

  • Stress-Free Payment System:

With our secure payment solution, providing payment without any hassle is completely possible! So no more standing around in search for coins or cards -we offer fast and reliable payments so that you don’t have worry about having enough cash on-hand when powering up on the go.

  • Easily Scalable and Affordable Subscription System:

Because data requirements change over time, our subscriptions are made to be easily adjustable depending on what level of access users need, meaning that everyone can choose their subscription levels according to their own tech needs and budget considerations.

  • Battery Level Indicator:

To ensure that you’re never stuck or stranded without enough juice in your handset or wearable after connecting with one of our shared power banks. Instpower has integrated a battery level indicator into its interface. So that users know exactly how much progress they’ve made during the charging process at all times.


All of our featured power banks come equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries guaranteeing optimized performance. Regardless of usage scenarios such as changes in temperature or prolonged exposure over long periods of time. Ensuring maximum long-term viability for our clients’ devices when utilizing our services.

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