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IQOS App Download APK

IQOS App Download APK v4.30.7 (Latest Version) – Download

Philip Morris International Management SA

24 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name IQOS App Download APK
Latest Version v4.30.7
Last Updated 24 March 2023
Publisher Philip Morris International Management SA
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

In this modern world, Cigarettes have become a global phenomenon around the globe. Cigarettes are scientifically proven to be dangerous for the health of a healthy being. But almost everyone knows the hazards and consequences of using Cigarettes but there are many Cigarettes product in the market available. Everyone wants to use Cigarettes for relaxation purposes and for the feeling of satisfactions. Recently IQOS which is the type of E-cigarette has become famous and is used widely nowadays. These products are smoke free which means they don’t emit Smoke. Do you have an IQOS product and want to control it via an app with many other features of customizations, then the IQOS app download APK right now!

About IQOS App Download

IQOS app APK is an app developed by Philip Morris International Management SA. The app enables you to connect to your IQOS devices. IQOS is PMI’s brand of smoke-free products, including tobacco heating systems and e-vapor products. These products are unique from the traditional cigarettes.  IQOS tobacco heating systems heat specially designed heated tobacco units, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. This generates a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor, releasing the true taste of heated tobacco.

In IQOS products there is no burning, the levels of harmful and dangerous chemicals are considerably reduced as compared to the regular cigarette smoke. Please keep in mind that these products are not risk-free and deliver addictive chemicals which make you very addictive. Talking about the app, the app is simply a connect app that helps you to connect to your IQOS devices. Using the app you can do many things. The first important feature is that you can check the status of your IQOS products. You can know whether your product is ready to use or not. You can also check the charging and battery status and battery lifeline of your products. The next thing is that you can customize your flavor and the haptics using the app. 

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Another feature of the app is that it provides you with all the information’s about the nearest IQOS stores. The app directory contains all the information of the IQOS stores which are near to you. In addition to that the app features information’s on safe smoking and about proper usage of IQOS.

Features IQOS App APK

  • Connect your IQOS Product

The IQOS Connect app is an app that is used to connect to your IQOS products. The IQOS is an E-cigarettes type that is famous for its flavor and is easy to use with some unique features over traditional cigarettes. You can manage your IQOS product via this app.  

  • Check the Status

Now, you get all the information’s and status of your iqos products via this app. You can get the status of your charging level, charging status, and battery status. You can get the information about Flavors as well.

  • Easy Pairing

The paring of the product is very easy and its not much complex and difficult. You should have this app installed in your app and then you should select the product name. The phone’s Bluetooth and WIFI must be open to connecting to the Product.

  • Find IQOS stores

The app has updated lists and informations about the IQOS stores available in your neighborhood. You can search the filters with the different regions and countries as well. You can also get the initial order of your IQOS from the app.


IQOS app APK is finally out for IQOS consumers and regular users. The IQOS app is a simple app that connects you to your IQOS products via an app. The app has a simple sign-up process that requires your email. Overall the app is very interactive and engaging with no bugs issues. Want to access the app now. Then don’t go anywhere. IQOS app is ready to download right now!

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