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iScreen APK v1.1.53 (Latest Version) Free Download


27 June 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name iScreen APK
Latest Version v1.1.53
Last Updated 27 June 2023
Publisher iscreen
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Internet plays an important role in our life. It is really very amazing and innovative invention of humankind which offers a lot of informative things. It won’t be wrong to say that it has been a necessity in people’s lives because people have become so dependent on it. This has influenced every single part of an individual’s life. You cannot find a field where internet does not come in handy. With the help of this extraordinary invention of human beings, the daily routine of every individual has changed completely. From sending a small hi text to dealing a large business of millions worth, people choose internet to do all these stuffs.

In today’s world people are completely dependent on the technology and internet related things. That is why it has been significant to update the things on daily basis. Each day software developers come with something new so that people will get more beneficial assets. Especially when it comes to the mobile phones or the applications and systems in it. They need to be updated on an hourly basis. The most recent improvement and development have been seen in the system of the mobile phones. Software developers have created so many applications which have completely turned the systems of mobile phones. One of such applications is the Iscreen APK which has brought a small kind of revolution in mobile phones.

About the iScreen APK

It is evident from the name of the application that mostly it has to do with the screen and the system related to it. People always want their phone or any other device’s screens to be the best looking. They always try to put a new theme and new widgets so that their mobile phones look cool. Thus considering people’s demands and wishes the software developers have come up with the iscreen Apk. This application is a full pack of several mobile phone’s widgets and themes. With the help of this iscreen apk you personalize you home screen and also can make it beautiful as you have never did before. You will have a completely new look to you mobile phone.

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The Xiamen ZeroOne world of technology has brought this innovative application for you with which you can get a new phone every single day. A completely new set and free collection of almost above 200 widgets can be found in this application. In addition to that the new innovative sets of themes let you experience a completely new world in the phone system. In the list of the widgets, you will find all the widgets from the universal desktop like photos, Todo list, task clock, calendar, quotations, and many more. The wallpaper and many other customizations are just one click away from you. If you have downloaded and installed this iscreen apk you have opened a new door to completely new world in mobile phones.

More About the App

From a small kid to an older person everyone wants his or her devices to look beautiful and cool. This is guaranteed with the help of iscreen apk where you will find an endless list of widgets and themes. With the help of this application, you can change the wallpaper and other customization tools on a daily basis to get an entirely new look.

In addition to provide you the widgets and themes another thing which is more popular about this application is that it can be used as the streaming app. You can find a number of channels in it which will give you the platform to enjoy different programs and shows. Thus, it is 100 percent guarantee that you will not regret downloading and installing it. Because it is a two in one application and helps you to get two functionalities in a single application. Thus, instead of downloading two separate applications you can just use one application and get both the benefits.

Features of the iScreen APK

Plethora of widgets: The reason why this app has come to the scene is because people wanted to give their mobile phones a completely new look each day. That is what this application does with the help of its never-ending list of widgets and themes.

Easy new looks: If you have installed this application that means you can have a new phone every day. Because you can customize your phone’s setting in whatever way you want. All you need to do is to install this application so that you can get whatever you want.

Dual functionalities: You might not have seen such an application before with two functionalities in just a single application. Firstly, a customization application and secondly a streaming application. You cannot have two separate applications if you have a single this application.

Free to use and download: Another good thing about this application is that you do not need to spend a single penny with this application. You can download and use it for free and can give your device a new look every day.

Safe and secure: With this application all your personal informations are safe and secure. You do not need to worry while providing your information in any way because it gives you the assurance of safety of your information.


The iscreen apk is a completely new innovative application which will give you a new set of widgets and themes. Thus if you want a new look every day then you must download and install this application now.

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