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Jump Assemble APK v1.3.2 [Latest] Download For Android


18 April 2024 (1 day ago)

App Name Jump Assemble
Latest Version v1.3.2
Last Updated 18 April 2024
Publisher DeNA
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 612 MB
5/5 Rating (3)

Jump Assemble APK is a destructive and lavish game consisting of manga characters like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto. This game appeals to users belonging to every age because of the fusion between multiplayer system and anime world characters that provide players with once in a lifetime experience that they have never seen before. Taking about the environment, users will have the opportunity to indulge themselves in a series of dynamic environment situations where they will meet different challenges that will pose threats to their lives and property. These environments include Greenland, mountainous terrains, deserts, and plateaus.

Fighting a battle against a super powerful enemy on these distinctive and tough lands is not going to be an easy job but for the sack of accomplishing the task and fulfilling your duty, you will have to go through all this. In this version, you will see that the characters have been incorporated with some emotions as well. So, when any character looks angry, its probability of attacking the rival increases because of the heavy emotions that it is having. So, this trait defines them in the game which will also come in handy to you when you start playing the game.

Furthermore, the surprising visual shifts available in the game enables one character to adapt fighting styles of other characters as well that assists players to outplay the enemy in their own way making it easy for you as a player to monitor all the moves of the opponents and come up with most suitable strategies.

About Jump Assemble APK

Avatars in Jump Assemble APK have this amazing ability to transform themselves into a better version of themselves with the passage of time. This transformation consists of polishing their skills, changing the outfit, and a slight change in the fighting habits because over time they get to learn lots of new skills from the other personas, so it gives them an incredible chance of getting exposed to some great new talents and rivals. Moving on, we would love to tell you that there is another twist that will surprise you after knowing about it. It is the multi dimensionality of the game. It takes place in more than one dimension. Making it one of the few games that provide such a feature. Every dimension has its own rules and physics. Enabling users to play the game in a variety of ways.

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There are some unbelievable features as well in the game that look surreal to hear like time manipulation. it can rewind and fast forward according to the needs of the players. This feature allows them to correct the mistakes they have made in the past and quickly wrap up easy matches that take longer time to finish. The addition of rhythm-based music adds to the thrill that the game provides. Apart from that, this feature allows players not to lose interest in what they are doing. Feature like these have resulted in categorizing this game in addictive genre although many anime games are not seen in such a way that they can be addictive in nature.

More About the App

If you are a fan of mini games, then wait no longer and download Jump Assemble APK as soon as you can because there you will find breathtaking and wonderful mini games that will keep you engaged while you prepare yourself for a major battle or they will keep your moral up when you are planning to take a break in between.

There of hundreds of mini games for the users all aiming to give you an extra pie on the cake kind of vibe. Do not be confused by the name mini, they are magnificent games which are widely played by everyone using this app on their smartphones. In addition to this, you can have a huge influence on the game as well. Your actions will define the future and change the plot of the game likewise. To turn things your way, take decisions wisely because they will highly favor you under tough circumstances.

Features of Jump Assemble APK

  1. Voice commands

You can control the characters with your voice if you do not want to use your hands or you feel like relaxing for a while.

  • Summons from different dimensions.

Now you can call someone from another dimension for your help in tackling the enemy. Or you can also visit somewhere else after receiving a calling.

  • Relationships

The deep bond of companionship and rivalries between the characters effect their strength and capabilities.

  • Fourth wall breaking 

The characters in the game can now acknowledge that they are in a video game and this way they can interact with the player who is physically playing the game from outside.

  • Shared health pools

The health situation that we used to see in other games is integrated into this one as well but here there is a concept of pooling the health meaning that you can share your health with someone else.


Concluding the universe of Jump Assemble APK, we would like to elaborate on the interesting fact that this game has the ability to make you feel overwhelmed after a bad day at work or when you are having any other stress related issues. After opening the game, the professionally designed interface will impress you with the details and options available for you to choose from and customize your game according to how you want it to be and behave.

You can use the aging mechanics to make yourself more powerful and in matters of anti-aging because with increasing age, you start losing your strength. A character can use its memory to make better decisions according to the situation that it is in. Because sometimes they face similar challenges that have happened in the past as well. This saves energy for future endeavors. Cash this chance by seizing the opportunity you are being provided at a stage like this. You will not find a better place to show some fighting skills and living the life of a warrior. This is your time.  

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