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Updated to version 2.8.6!

Kingdom War APK is a Tower Defense game that tasks players with finding the optimal strategy for attacking the Orc’s tower. Careful planning is necessary for success, as players must either emerge victorious or be vanquished. To achieve success in battle, players must continually upgrade their army and the tower’s weaponry. None of the golems, orcs, or giants must touch the tower, as it is the player’s responsibility to defend their castle. Players must command their allies to fight on their behalf and attack the enemy while also protecting their tower. This real-time strategy game may appear simple at first glance, but it requires a great deal of mental acumen to master. While many tower defense games provide entertainment, Kingdoms War stands out as exceptional in this regard.

About Kingdom War Apk

Kingdom War APK is a tower defense game, a type of strategy game in which players must defend their tower or base from waves of enemies that try to attack it. Players typically build and upgrade defenses, such as towers or other structures, and use various units or troops to attack and defeat the enemy. In Kingdom War, players must use strategy and careful planning to defend their tower from foes and emerge victorious. The commander can choose to produce a unit, upgrade units, or increase the food supply. To attain victory in battle, players must consistently enhance their army and the tower’s weaponry.

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It is imperative that none of the golems, orcs, or giants reach the tower, as it is the player’s duty to safeguard their castle. Players must command their allies to fight in their stead and attack the enemy while also preserving their tower. The in-game coin system is generous, allowing players to earn diamonds and treasures in each stage to level-up units. This real-time strategy game may seem elementary at first, but it necessitates a great deal of cognitive prowess to master. No matter the difficulty, there is always a way to emerge victorious. Do not succumb to despair.

Your valiant army awaits your command. Join us and become our commander! Save our Kingdom.

Features of Kingdom War Apk

Numerous stages

 There are many stages or levels available in the game, each with its unique challenges and enemies.

unique allies and enemy units

 There are various characters or units in the game, including allies that the player can control and enemies that the player must defeat.

unique Limit-break looks

Some of the ally units in the game have special appearances or transformations that are activated when they reach a certain level of power or “limit break.”

Collect treasures

Players can find and collect treasures or special items in each stage, which may affect gameplay or allow the player to use special skills or abilities.

Use strategizing skills

Play strategically with six kinds of Booster Items. The player can use a variety of items called “Boosters” to gain an advantage or change the course of the game in some way. There are six different types of Boosters available to use.


Kingdom War Apk is a Tower Defense game that requires players to devise an effective strategy for attacking an Orc’s tower. Players must carefully plan their attacks and constantly upgrade their army and tower’s weaponry to emerge victorious. The game also has a feature that allows the player to produce units, upgrade units, or increase the food supply. The game has numerous stages and a variety of unique allies and enemy units, including some that have special appearances or transformations. Players can collect treasures and use special skills or abilities in each stage. Players must use strategy and mental acumen to defend their tower and defeat their enemies to succeed in the game. Join the game and become a commander to save the Kingdom.

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