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Komiku App APK v1.6.2 [Latest Version] – Free Download


20 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Komiku App APK
Latest Version v1.6.2
Last Updated 20 May 2023
Publisher Komiku.co.id
Requires Android 4.4 and up
1/5 Rating (1)

In the generation where everyone watches movies and TV shows in order to get the entertainment, comics have also made their place surprisingly. There are millions of people around the world that not just like reading comics but also wait for years for their favorite comic to get a release so they can enjoy it. comic fans always have complains regarding the comic applications. Comic applications are either too slow to load next page or they have some kinds of bugs in them that affects users’ phones. But we have an application that have hundreds of comics for you and doesn’t have any kind of flaw in it. Download Komiku App APK right now!

About Komiku App APK

It is basically an Indonesian app app and omething very popular among fans. We know that there are applications that doesn’t support color comics. But don’t worry now, komiku always works in color comics. Plus, it has the dark theme which makes the reading even better and bothers less to the people with weak eyesight. Plus, we all have that one problem of slow loading of next page in other comic applications, komiku has made sure that every comic must be smooth and easy to read without any delay of time.

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The stories are all detailed and once you started reading the comic you will definitely go through every word of it. you can also interact with other readers and interact with them, ask about their comments on comic, you can also comment. It is like a small community of comic lovers.

Features Of Komiku App APK

  • Komiku Large Comic Collection:

Komiku provides best collection of manga, Manhua and manhua comic collection. You can never get bored using the application. because the comics mentioned above are one of the best comics and fans literally waited for years for their favorite comic.

  • Best Stories & Detailed:

You will never find irrelevant stories on Komiku, only the favorite and best comics among the fans. All the stories are well detailed too.

  • Komiku Dark Theme:

Intruding dark theme in the application, so that you can use the application with ease. Plus, dark theme also helps people with weak eyesight, a little edge.

  • Komiku an Online Hub:

By online hub, we mean that you can interact with other comic fans. You can comment and have chat with other people. You can give your opinions too on replies. This is one of the best feature of komiku App.

  • Get Notified:

Updates are always on the way and application will give a simple notification to you for check it or just be touched with the application.


Komiku app is one of the best application for comic fans, it has variety of comics stored in it. you can read it both online and as well as offline. There is no restriction on that. Plus, it will never take much of your time in loading pages. So don’t wait and download Komiku app right now in your phones!

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