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Kunai Master Mod APK

Kunai Master Mod APK v0.7.23 (Latest Version) – Free Download


21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Kunai Master Mod APK
Latest Version v0.7.23
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Kunai Master Mod APK is an action based with thrilling action moves like teleporting, dagger fighting, ninja blade fighting, stealth action, and much more. This game is a treat for action game freaks. The mission of the players is to fight with enemies and save the world. With each new level, there is a new challenge, and players use weapons from an extensive collection to kill bosses and ninjas. Gamers face the challenges and complete their mission with excellent acrobatics, fast darts, and kunai. They can also modify weapons and unlock new characters.

About the Kunai Master Mod APK

Kunai Master Mod APK is an excellent thrilling game for people who loves to play action games. In this game, players progress by completing each level and defeating the new boss. Initially, there is only one warrior to fight with enemies, but new characters are unlocked after completing each mission.

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Moreover, players use danger and various weapons to strike down their opponents and win coins. A new enemy is waiting for the players at every level of this game. The player teleport to his enemies, strike them down with kunai, and dodges attacks like a real warrior. Players get coins after completing their mission and can upgrade their weapons and unlock new game features.

This game has beautiful vintage graphics. Although the graphics of this game are not advanced, it still gives exhilarating pleasure and nostalgia. The sequence of events and numerous new missions hooked the players to this game. By learning control of a weapon, excellent dart skills, teleport to a distance and dodge attacks, and other skills of the assassin, players can become true kunai dagger masters.

Features of the Kunai Master Mod APK

  • Action based game

In the world of action games, kunai master, a 2d retro game, is exceptionally beautiful with a thrilling plot. Players use assassin skills to achieve their goals. No doubt kunai master Apk is a treat for action games freak.

  • Numerous characters

Initially, there is only one warrior, but as the players progress in the game, new characters are unlocked by using coins. Each of these new characters has specific powers and will help to fight and defeat the powerful and formidable enemy.

  • Upgrading kunai

In this game, kunai is the main weapon. It serves as your main weapon and a tool for developing your character’s skills and abilities in this game. Kunai will become more potent with increasing levels, making it much easier for players to strike down their enemies and even powerful bosses.

  • Different weapons

Kunai is not the only weapon in this game. Players unlock numerous other weapons, each with different and powerful abilities. These weapons assist the players in the completion of missions.

  • Explosive barrels

Players must cross explosive barrels carefully because they can be harmful, but if they use them with excellent strategies, they can defeat many enemies quickly. So strategy and good timing are essential while crossing these barrels.

More Features

  • Retro graphics

This game has enriched retro graphics and smooth pixels, making its players nostalgic and providing an atmosphere that begs to be experienced.

  • Thrilling plot

Developers of this game have paid particular attention to its plot and sequence of events. With each level, there are new missions and rewards. Players earn a reward to unlock new features and enhance the performance of their warriors and weapons.

  • Different skills

Each new character in the game has its unique skill, which aids in defeating the powerful enemy. Using the dodge skill, you can easily dodge your enemy and fly through the air to defeat enemies. Kunai rain will release enormous kunai from the sky and destroy enemies in the second.


Kunai master is the finest action-based 2d game with exceptional features and captivating graphics. Put your assassin skills to the test, unlock new weapons and characters, face evil bosses and enemies and become a stealth master. So, embark on this thrilling and adventurous journey of ninja assassin and enjoy.

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