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Lab2 Under Ground APK

Lab2 Under Ground APK v1.25 (Latest Version) – Android Download

Lab2 Under Ground

16 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Lab2 Under Ground APK
Latest Version v1.25
Last Updated 16 October 2023
Publisher Lab2 Under Ground
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Size 20 MB
3/5 Rating (2)

Lab2 Under Ground APK is an adventure game which is very famous in the gaming industry. It is developed by some amazing engineers in the Indie game studio APL team. The game takes the players in an adventurous and thrilling journey via an underground lab. Players have to solve puzzles, riddles, collect items and fight their enemies to get to the next level.

About Lab2 Under Ground APK

The story in the game is a fascinating factor of the game. Story flows swiftly with the game as you keep on laying. The story of the game is on a secret type of project of scientists in an underground lab. The game takes turn when the dangerous virus is released and the laboratory and the side areas develop a lot of mutants of the virus. Similarly, these creatures are shabby to look creatures and are very dangerous. The players take the role of scientist working the lab and getting the game ahead. The player has to create a solution to get out of this trap of the virus. So, get your sleeves corrected and start being the hero of the game.

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Another notable feature of the application is its amazing graphics and the soundtracks behind the game. Players will see the best graphics they have ever seen in the gaming industry, the quality and detailed features of the graphics are the best things the player will experience in the game. Likewise, along that the sound effects and the background sounds of the application are amazing. These features will help the user with great experience.

In addition, the game is highly engaging and is addictive. Once player gets in the game then the player will love to player the game for hours. Players have to use their skills to get through the game. Some of the skills that are required in the game are problem solving skills, puzzle solving skills, and other such critical skills are required. The player has different weaponry to fight the mutants. These features make the game exciting and resourceful application to fight the odds.

More About The App

Moreover, the replay ability of the game is appreciated by most of the players. The game has a lot of levels to pass through and get ahead. So, the player has the option to play the game as per their way. He or she can choose the levels that they want to play in from easy to difficult. The game contains multiple endings making the game flexible and lovely to play.

Features of Lab2 Under Ground APK

Some of the prominent features and characteristics of the Lab2 Under Ground APK are written below;

  • It is one of the popular post pandemic games that people play due to the possible relation of the corona virus to human made.
  • Developed by the indie game studio APL team.
  • The game happens in under the earth or rather in an underground lab that makes the game thrilling one. Players can take adventure of the amazing game underground.
  • A scientist tries to escape the lab and also the possible and surprise escape of the man made virus makes the storyline of the game.
  • Have high quality graphics with detailed characters.
  • Players need logical solving, problem solving, and other skills to get the game to he next level.
  • Offers various types of weapons to fight the mutants.
  • Has the different levels and endings that make the game replay able.


In conclusion, Lab2 Under Ground APK is action packed thrilling game that has gone viral after the pandemic happened. The engaging game play, along with the high-quality graphics and sound play makes the game amazingly engaging.

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Comments (2)

  • Ave_Azery

    1 year ago

    Amazing . I love this game! Really cute.!

  • frincessmariemadronio

    1 year ago

    This game is so fun 😊