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Lost Life APK

Lost Life APK v1.55 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Lost Life

19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Lost Life APK
Latest Version v1.55
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Publisher Lost Life
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.7/5 Rating (78)

Adventure with a mix of horror can be very exciting. Horror games with adventures have been hit in the game market for a long time and still dominating the competition. The creepy situations, fears, loneliness and fear of ghosts and monsters in every corner and stage of the game makes them perfect for every adventurous and horror game fans. There are many games available in the stores, which are horror in nature. These games are becoming common and over used today with many users. Gamers are looking for more horror game with the mix of adventure, story and action. They need the game which has more quality and effective. You don’t need to go anywhere else, Download Life Lost APK in your phone right now.

About Lost Life APK

Life Lost is a horror and adventure game developed and designed by Shikestu. This horror simulation game is based on a horror novel. This simulation game is about a young boy, living a terrific and fearful life from the beginning of the game. The Game uses dark background which makes the game creepy and also intriguing to play and experience. The main and straightforward player goal is to make wise full decisions to avoid fear and horror being targeted to the little boy. Each action and step you choose would decide the life, death and fate.

The life lost would reveals itself according to your actions and moves. This make Life Lost very exciting and creepy because you don’t want what next adventure and horror moments are waiting for you in the next corners and moves. In each chapter or episodes, you would have a unique story and would encounter different characters including ghosts and friends, and would have different ending based on your choice.

The next great thing about Life lost is that while playing this game, you can choose your own background music. There are in built background music all of them are creepy and suspicious music, filling your game experience with horror and fear.   

Features of Lost Life APK

  • Best horror adventure

The life lost is a mix of Horror, adventure and action with an intriguing story based on a novel about a young boy. The game really become addictive once you start to immerse yourself in the story and become the young boy character.

  • Simple Creepy Interface

The simple creepy design and interface makes life lost a best horror game. The games uses black ground for writing and narration. The game has few options like start and setting and everyone can easily navigate and play the game. The characters and atmosphere of the game is also creepy and scary.

  • Background Sound Effects

The game don’t have a single picture or movie but consist of multiple episodes and chapters. The background sound effects uniquely and effectively tells and narrate the story of the game. The Noise effect is dominant while experiencing the game and when there are no pictures and images available.

  • Unique Chapters

The game have multiple chapters and each chapter has a unique story for you. The best thing is that you can select your own preferred chapter. You don’t have to wait for the next chapter to be unlocked, all chapters are available and you can enjoy them for free.


Life lost is a complete package for everyone who are bored of usual games. The intriguing and scary story of young boy with unlimited chapters and the option of control over boy makes it perfect for everyone. Unlimited chapters with new stories and scary background and sound effects makes it a complete new and best game available in the store. Want to experience the Black Magic? Life lost is ready to download right now.

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