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Meitu APK v9.7.1.3 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Meitu (China) Limited

4 August 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Meitu APK
Latest Version v9.7.1.3
Last Updated 4 August 2023
Publisher Meitu (China) Limited
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Photography
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In today’s world of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, everyone is chasing only one goal which is to impress others through their posts and stories. If you are looking for a perfect and professional editor then you have come to the right place. After downloading this app, all your worries regarding your photos and videos will be resolved as you will get all your stuff edited and enhanced in a few simple steps. Add amazing edits to your photos and get a stunning result ready to post on your social media profile and blow the minds of your followers.

We look for various features when downloading a photo and a video editor like filters, effects, slow-motion, fast-motion, and others. If you have similar interests then you do not have to go anywhere else. You will be able to avail all these and other exciting features for free in Meitu APK. 

About Meitu APK

It has more than two hundred filters which are one of the unique features of this app because no other app offers this number of filters even to premium users. But if you are a user of Meitu APK, then you will be able to access all 200+ features without paying anything to anyone. Say bye to dull pictures and add these great filters to your photos. You will get lots of new followers and appreciation from your loved ones. Moreover, you can also add different effects to your pictures. There are many options in this section as well. Go through all of them once and see which effect fascinates you the most. Select that and have fun. Upload your pictures and get hundreds of likes and comments. 

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Sometimes we encounter something unwanted in our pictures and videos which we want to remove or cover with anything that could hide that unwanted thing without affecting the picture itself. For that, you are being offered the feature of Mosaic whose job is to hide all that which is not wanted in the picture. You can use this feature easily after downloading the Meitu APK. You can also make your pictures more attractive by adding different frames, stickers, and other things present in the app. Furthermore, collage which is one of the most used features in any photo editor is present in this app as well but with new layouts and styles which we believe you will love to use. Download Meitu APK and get unlimited options to make your photos look more beautiful. 

Features of Meitu APK

Let us see what else we can expect from this app:

  • Filters 

We have already mentioned about it in the earlier sections of the article that many filters are free to use and do not have any restrictions for their use. You can avail of them right now after downloading the app.

  • Slow-motion 

If you are a fan of the slow-motion feature and want to use it on your videos then you will be getting an extremely smooth slow-motion feature in Meitu APK which will help you in generating noise-free videos. 

  • Retouch feature

There are a lot of options in the retouch section. You will be able to work on the skin tone, blemishes, eyes, and others in this app and it is super easy to do. 


Explore the world of Meitu APK and intensify your photos and videos in a few easy steps. Your photos will get a professional look which you can upload on your social media platforms and keep as a memory for your lifetime. Click on the link and install Meitu APK now. 

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