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Mobdroplus Survive APK v1.0.2 [Latest Version] Download Android


6 November 2023 (5 months ago)

App Name Mobdroplus Survive APK
Latest Version v1.0.2
Last Updated 6 November 2023
Publisher ingeniusstudios
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Adventure
3.6/5 Rating (43)

Mobdroplus Survive APK is an extremely engrossing application that adds an exciting and fantastic point to your life. With these management skills, you will add some sort of adventure, by using the main source of this management game. It almost takes a month to complete the game mission and use the management skills during the operation. You can participate in the desired group of people and use all the techniques of boosting your energy and power while completing the game challenges. You all need to pass away all the danger and obstacles by passing the streets.

About the Mobdroplus Survive APK

Mobdroplus Survive APK is a contributive game that relates a deadly viral outbreak that exists in a town almost two to three years ago. A group of normal people tried to live a normal life and take all the possible missions to control this outbreak. A group of people called hunters tried to overtake the normal life of these world people.

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Your character is to help your group to complete all the given missions to complete the task and save your group from these deadly hunters. You can explore different areas and locations while these task is unloading. Moreover, the developers have added an easiness for task completion instead of more hurdles. All the users can complete their mission on all Android and ios devices. The time is to beat in the game while rescuing normal people and saving their lives. Now it is time to assign tasks and duties and fulfill them.

Features of Mobdroplus Survive APK

If you are an adventurous person and want some exciting points in your gaming mode, then this is the best application. Mobdroplus Survive APK provides you with all such updated features that are more interesting to play and use while fulfilling your thirst to complete the mission.

Characters Exploration:

Mobdroplus Survive APK allows you to complete the given missions with your favorite character. All these characters are easily available and interesting to use. These characters are named Isabel, Alexandria, and Leona. You can use this at the very beginning of the game, and teach them more skills and techniques.

Missions and Operations:

Mobdroplus Survive APK gives a platform where you can complete all 12 missions and operations within 45 days (about 1 and a half months) of a challenge. Your mission is to rescue normal people and give them first aid as needed.

Characters Health:

You aim to take care of the locals and your group. The tour task is to keep your group healthy and safe; A first aid kit is also provided by the Mobdroplus Survive APK system to ensure a healthy life whenever anyone gets infected or injured. You will get more points for keeping these things given to protect your group.

Scheduled Portrait:

A schedule is available defining all the missions and tasks of rescuing people. This schedule is provided at the start of the game when you are addressing the young people in your group. A tutorial is also scheduled to teach your group the skills and techniques while operating the tasks.

Resource Management:

Resource management and further exploration will also keep your level higher than other characters. All the players make this management at to high level to ensure the discovery of more adventurous points. They take all the necessities to make a powerful and identified character that saves normal people in no way.


Mobdroplus Survive APK is the best application that is accessible to all users and creates a different and unique perspective for those who want a new twist in their lives. All the features are here to maximize your abilities and power to complete the task. Now, it is time to play this fantastic game.

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