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My Pertamina APK v3.6.6 (Latest Version) – Download Free

PT Pertamina(Persero)

20 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name My Pertamina APK
Latest Version v3.6.6
Last Updated 20 April 2023
Publisher PT Pertamina(Persero)
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Finance
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There is no denial to the fact that android applications are making life easier and simpler every day. There are many applications that relates to small activities. Also, the developers introduce new updates and features according to the user need. In that sense, we have an amazing utility for car holders and vehicle operators. This is kind of E-wallet and E-payment system application that lets you do lots of things in short time. The application is My Pertamina APK, a free application that is helpful in combating small problems.

The applications are launch every now and then because the numbers of users are increasing exponentially. Also, the world is getting modernize every day and the people are transferring serious workloads to small screens for convenience. Not just that, we can really go free-hand on many things like doing shopping online, buying things with mobile apps, traveling in metro and buses using e-wallets, paying bills on phone, doing online banking, and a lot more. All these benefits are due to mobile applications.

About My Pertamina APK

The My Pertamina APK is a useful alternative to access all Pertamina products. Pertamina is kind of a company that holds things and substances relate to vehicles and motors. This allows you to do easy payments and transactions while buying things on the applications. This company makes purchase of new products, fuel brands, fuel prices, voucher, etc. The procedure is very easy and run along the scanning method of QR codes. The My Pertamina APK showcase all these features and products on the main screen, you just have to open it and purchase.

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Also, the application does not need any hard payment method. All the transactions can be done through this mobile wallet. You can easily add money through customer care or mobile load. After that, you can go to any nearby fuel station and use this application to purchase fuel, fuel products, vouchers, etc. Not just that, if you are going on a strange or unknown route then this application can locate the nearby fuel station for you. No matter what fuel you are using in your vehicle, this application locates all the petroleum, gas, or any other station in quick time.

More about the application

If we look at the main screen or interface it shows many icons that are available services of the application. You can see the QR code icon and can use it with single tap to do payment or transaction. Also, there is a location button that shows your location and location of all nearby fuel stations for you. Not just that, if your vehicle runs on batteries than you can select charging station according to the power. The application also indicates new events and products by the Pertamina company that are available in discount offers.

Moreover, there are icons for purchasing vouchers and tokens that are useful to purchase things with discount prices. You can earn point when you buy any product through this application and that points can be redeem later with cash. Adding to that, the My Pertamina APK comes with pretty easy to use interface and the options are also very simple. You can easily understand the language and navigate flawlessly. Also, the user interface is mobile-friendly and compatible with all android devices.

Features of My Pertamina APK

Locate nearby Stations: the application locates all the nearby fuel stations for you in real quick and easy way. These stations can be of.

  • Gas
  • Petroleum
  • CNG
  • Diesel
  • Charging

Earn Points: when you are purchasing anything using this application you are earning point in return. These points can be redeem to get real money.

Easy payment: You can use the QR code method to pay for anything you purchase. This is very convenient for doing transactions as well.

Buy Vouchers: These vouchers can be use to purchase discount products from the Pertamina. Also, you can earn points as well.

Additional features of My Pertamina APK

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • Get updates
  • Buy fuel products
  • Discount offers and events
  • Call centres and customer care
  • No registration process
  • Simple design and controls
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • No ads


Lastly, we can say that this is the best application for vehicle holders. They can easily get many things on this small size application. So, make life easier by downloading My Pertamina APK now.

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