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MY TIME AT PORTIA APK v1.0.11268 (Latest Version) – Download


18 March 2023 (1 year ago)

Latest Version v1.0.11268
Last Updated 18 March 2023
Publisher Nuverse
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Are you bored of fighting, racing and shooting Games. Which just don’t relate to your current living Experience and don’t relate with life? Then you are not alone. Many gamer think this and want to have a gaming experience where they would have living experience? Then there is a game which suits you best? Do you want to live in the mysterious post-apocalyptic world of Unknown Name, explore it and work in it make it again prosperous Land with the available Resources. Do you want to build a city, defend it from Monsters Attack, and want to experience the life of Skillful blacksmith? Then Try the Famous My Time at Portia APK and Starts your Journey Today. 


My Time at Portia APK is the best 3D Simulation Game developed by a video game developed by studio Pathea Games and published by Team 17 for Microsoft Windows and Play Station in 2019. This game offers best 3D simulations which I think you should never miss this chance to experience this best simulations. In the MY TIME AT Portia you are living in the mysterious post-apocalyptic world of Portia. Which is being destroyed and the peoples are just being emerged from underground and want to build a prosperous, modern City of Portia.  So your mission is to expand the City of Portia and make it more modern with Facilities, Build Farm, Business, workshops and have a good friendly environment in the City of Portia. Not only this you have to keep the City of Portia safe from dangerous Monsters, who are attacking your Beautiful City of Portia.

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For that you would build an army and would have battles with the Monster Army. Thus In My Time at Portia APK, you would have the opportunity to explore this beautiful city and collect various resources. The game consists of a life simulator and an RPG in which you can explore a huge open world. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where you and the main character will have to work to make Land of Portia Great again. You would be engage in many activities like gathering, looking for different resources, as well as run a small farm on the farm, which all can make your Life at Portia Exciting and Adventurous.


  • Best Living Simulation Experience

My Time at Portia 3D simulation life experience is the best thing about this Game, which makes it so engaging and interesting. This is due to the mix effects of life simulator and an RPG in which you can Explore the vast magic land of Portia.

  • Bulk of Resources for Development

This is another great thing about My Time at Portia Apk. You have a lot of resources to build and develop your Land of Portia. You can manage Workshops where you can build tools to do better farming and making War equipment to fight against Monsters and you have option of crafting, farming and making Machines and Production Units.

  • Interaction with the Friends

This a great feature of the My Time at Portia, which can enable you to make friends in the City of Portia. Featuring more than 50 characters, with whom you would get different projects and tasks.

  • Battle with Monsters

This feature of my time at Portia Apk Ensures that with addition of having normal life, you should have a good experience of fighting. You would develop you army and would attack on Monsters areas, which are your enemy and keep Safe your Portia.


This is also a great feature of the game. You have the option of exploring large world of Portia, which would never ends and you would never be bored while exploring this magnificent world.


My time at Portia is a complete package with simple gameplay, beautiful sound, immersive graphics, exciting challenges which make this game perfect for everyone. So do not miss this game and Download the My Time at Portia Right Now. Another Great thing about MY TIME AT Portia is the interaction with more than 50 Characters, with who you can interact, live and also can have a relationships also. You can find Best Friend there and Even a Soul Mate, who can help you in your mission of Making Land of Portia great Again. Isn’t it so romantic and adventurous?

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