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NBS Reborn 2023 v10.6 APK (Latest Version) – Download Free


15 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name NBS Reborn APK
Latest Version v9.1
Last Updated 15 February 2023
Publisher RDM REBORN
Requires Android 4.4 and up
2.4/5 Rating (5)

If you really consider yourself a fan of Mobile Legend: Band Bang then you must have seen all the attributes, features, skins, characters, etc. in the game. These features, tools, gestures, heroes, etc. can be use in your game. How? Well the NBS Reborn APK is the answer.

You can consider those players very lucky who already have all the skins and features of the MLBB game. These players perform very well in the battleground. No one can win any game from these players because these Heroes, Features, Skins, etc. improve their gameplay exponentially.

MLBB game also provides these skins for free but these are exclusive to premium features. If you have purchase premium plans then you can unlock anything in this game. This requires a handsome amount of money so you can use this application to unlock all the MLBB tools and features without spending money.

About NBS Reborn APK

The NBS Reborn APK is a kind of cheat injector that can help you unlock all the MLBB features for free. You can unlock all the premium skins, paid heroes, upgradeable weapons, themes, battle effects, audio, and many more items with zero money.

Although, you can win different skins and characters as you are completing the missions this also requires premium features to defeat pro players and more ahead. You can get a high rank and get all the benefits of having high merit than other players. Also, you can get free emotes and rewards for each update.

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NBS Reborn APK has bundles of the best character skins, weapon skins, and many other items that you can paint and make unique. These skins are not just for show off but they have special features that can give benefits in the battleground. Sometimes, these skins boost the skills of your Hero and the weapon skins also improve the stability, damage, recoil, etc. of the guns. Now, it is up to you whether you want to unlock skins for short guns or long-range guns, it is totally your choice.

More about the application

Moreover, there are very powerful and strong characters in MLBB that cannot be access without spending a handful of money but NBS Reborn APK is always available for the players. They can unlock their favorite and most powerful Heroes with just one click.

You can unlock characters with their special powers and skills as well like high jump, fast running, smooth moves, easy controls, and many more. These skills are very helpful in battles while playing against strong enemies.

Furthermore, NBS Reborn APK offers many battles as well. You can use these features to astound your opponents. These include location cheats that give information about key sites on the map, enemies’s locations, ESP lines, etc. Also, you can easily change your position from one place to another using the teleportation menu. All these will help you defeat powerful enemies without doing any hard effort.

Features of NBS Reborn APK

Teleport the Hero: This feature works really well and it is the key feature to get away from intense fights when you have enemies all around you. You can easily use this feature to teleport your hero to a different position.

Mythic Emotes: In the MLBB game, you can access many emotes for free but not mythic emotes. These emotes are all paid and require premium access but this application offers all Mythic emotes for free.

Respawn: This feature will help you to get another chance to come to the battleground after being defeat by the enemy. The important thing about this feature is that you will not be sure about your respawn location.

Strong Heroes: You can easily get access to the list of some of the best heroes of the MLBB game. Also, you can unlock all of them for free. These characters include,

  • Fighter
  • Assassin
  • Ling
  • Chou
  • Fanny
  • Warrior

Drone view: You can easily get an overview of the whole map with this feature. This gives free look over all the key sites and locations on the map.

Additional features of NBS Reborn APK

  • Free to download and offers many tools
  • No hidden charges while installation
  • Updates every item
  • Free to use and no login
  • Anti-ban and anti-report
  • Unlock premium skins
  • No ads and registration
  • Free music, themes, colors, etc.


Lastly, we can assure you that your activity will not get report by the opponent players because this application is Anti-report and anti-ban. You can enjoy all premium skins, characters, battle effects, themes, etc. for free. So, Download NBS Reborn APK now.

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