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Need APK Cloud v5.0.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

28 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Need APK Cloud
Latest Version v5.0.0
Last Updated 28 March 2023
Publisher Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

As the new phones and exciting entertainment contents are increasing and dominating the users, we are also using different sources to store them. We love to watch entertainment content and also download them to watch later. The whole life of the people has been increasingly hectic and busy and they don’t have time to live stream every content. What they are doing is that, they are storing these videos, movies and other entertainment content on Micro SD cards. To deal with this issue the developers of the Need Cloud APK have introduced an application that can be used to store all of your data related to pictures, videos, files, documents etc. online.

Mobile phone memory or USBs but all these are getting full very fast. The people also store their own pictures, videos that are filmed using their mobile phone camera and these pictures. Videos are taking up much space making the device low and lag while using.

About Need APK Cloud

The application has been launched by the Need Cloud developers making it simple and easily accessible to all the users. The application requires a simple registration from the users because your account will be protected and no one can sneak into it without your permission. You can save all your data online and whenever you wanted that you can simply log in to this application and can access your data. The application is also compatible with all the rooted and non-rooted devices, also it has been created to suit your android device with its mobile friendly user interface.

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The application give access to many features that can help the users to navigate through the application like you can create as many folders as you need to save your data. You can create Picture library, video albums, file briefcases and other files as well. You can sort out them according to your timeline and date. If your data is lost from your device then you should not panic because you have a backup with this application and you can easily reach them as well.

You can free your device from any type of data and you can use your mobile storage for very important content and data. Your device will perform higher and no lags will bother you while using your device. The Need Cloud APK provides a secure and managed platform to manage your data, messages, files, pictures, videos and many more stuff. The application can easily be setup in your device to store your data.

Features of Need APK Cloud

Storage: The application has large storage area, as it is online and there are professionals who manage this application you can save unlimited data in this application.

Genre: You can make folders for each genre like Picture gallery, video albums, messages, files and documents etc. You can easily access them when you open the application.

Sorting by Date: The application also helps the users to sort their data according to the upload or saving date. You can instantly reach out the required data using the date.

Create Folders: You can create many folders to more easily and smoothly manage your data. You can also create Folders for every separate file as well.

Compatible: The application is compatible with your smartphone and will not harm your mobile options.

Simple Log-in: You can go through simple registration process and log in to your account in Need APK Cloud. You are required to register and verify your account to eliminate any issues.

Additional features of Need APK Cloud

  • No-Advertisements are allowed.
  • Easily downloaded and installed.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Safe and secure options.
  • No bugs and viruses.
  • No scammers or fake users.
  • Managed by professionals.


The Need APK Cloud will help the users to manage their data in more simple and convenient way. The application is safe and has been trusted by many users. So, don’t wait more just Download the Need APK Cloud to make your life easier.

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