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NetNaija APK v1.1 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Ben Smith

4 August 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name NetNaija APK
Latest Version v1.1
Last Updated 4 August 2023
Publisher Ben Smith
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Online entertainment applications are numerous these days bur most of these applications are not reliable and we cannot trust them with hundred percent surety of their privacy and security. The applications use others servers illicitly and illogically that causes major threat for the security and reliability of the user. Though there are sustainable and reliable applications like Netflix and prime video etc. but these are not inclusive for everyone as poor and less financial privileged person cannot afford the applications due to their high-cost rates and for being elite applications. Today we have brought to you an application that is an alternate for the elite content providers.

NetNaija APK is an application so much contagious these days. This is an application that provides contents from Indian cinema and entertainment sources. The application is a free application that everyone can access and get whatever entertainment they want. If you want to have Indian movies from past and the latest ones then go for the application. The application is also a major source of web series, shows, music and so on. The application is well known for the high and HD quality of the contents provided in the application.

About NetNaija APK

NetNaija APK is for the entertainment and movie etc. lovers who cannot afford to have the Netflix and other such application for entertainment purpose. The application provides you with the best contents of Indian cinema such as movies, shows, web series, music and a lot more to it. The web series are from all over the world that makes up very broader contents. It is a next level application for amazing contents of entertainment that is why it has gone so much viral. The application is secure and protected because a website backs it that is one of the best entertainment websites.

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It has an amazing design to use that makes it easy to use and has got one of the best high qualities. The HD quality and high resolution of the videos of the application are the things that make it the perfect combo for your entertainment. The application is a variant of the NetNaija website. The NetNaija APK supports all smart TVs and smartphones and can make your phone to be a source of entertainment and a portable TV.

The application is a popular application in Nigeria as well because it provides you with dramas, web series, movies and music from Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood that makes the application a very contagious application in the world right now.

Features of NetNaija APK

The following features of NetNaija APK are what make the application so special;

  • Optimized search engine; the application contains a search tool bar that will help you get what ever you want from the application.
  • Downloader; the application is used to be a downloader as well as, you can download the videos and audio contents from the application direct to your device storage.
  • Subtitles; the application contains subtitles of the movies, web series and all other contents in various language that help you get better experience.
  • Multilingual; the application supports more than one language that makes it inclusive for all users in the world
  • Movies, dramas, web series and so on; the application offers thousands of contents in these mentioned genres that make the application a must have.
  • Live TV options; the application has live TV option that help you stream any channel online and live.
  • Offline mode; the application has offline mode that the contents once watched or downloaded can be watched while offline.
  • Record; you can record the contents and play later.


NetNaija APK is a must have application for all those fans of Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and so on and have no source to get these applications. The application supports features that help you watch the trending one as well as what you want by searching it. So, get movies, films, dramas, web series and music for free in the application.

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