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Injector ML New BoxSkin APK

Injector ML 2021 New BoxSkin 7.1 APK (Updated) Download


7 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Injector ML New BoxSkin APK
Latest Version v7.1
Last Updated 7 April 2023
Publisher RMD87
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.6/5 Rating (30)

Injector ML 2021 New BoxSkin 7.1 APK is significant for playing an online game means you should have some necessary Skills or skins with you to play it on a higher level, otherwise your opposition will eliminate you in no time. If you are a gamer of Mobile Legends BB, then we don’t have to explain to you that how many skins are important for your game.

You literally don’t have a chance with cheap skins in the game. That’s why, to all the gamers of Mobile Legends BB, be happy because we have an application that will make your MLBB gaming career to the next level. An application named New Box Skin ML Injector 2021 APK Updated is the solution for all your ML Skins issues.

The main aim of the application is to give great support to the gamers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang by providing them marvelous services in their game. By services, we mean the features, gamers are waiting for one application to perform. There are many other applications that are performing the same task. But either they aren’t free or they have some errors while performing the tasks.

About New BoxSkin 2021 Update

The main aim of the application is to provide Skins for Mobile Legends BB games to make them happy and assure their grip in the game. Good skins mean having a secure game and fewer chances of making mistakes, that is why gamers of Mobile Legends Bang Bang like to have great Skins at their Side.

But Mobile Legends BB has premium skins in their game which they have to buy from the game, and it is always irritating the gamers, but now they don’t have to buy it as they can simply download the New box skin 2022 Update application and inject all the Skins in it. It is that simple. Isn’t that great?

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You don’t need to worry about those problems here in New Boxskin 2021. It is an injecting tool, not a script, we know that injecting tools are way better than scripts. The explanation for this is that the injector tool has no impact on your account settings. Furthermore, if an update is available, you must download the entire APK file and restart your account from the beginning.

Plus, it is free and the application size isn’t that large that it will affect your phone or going to have a negative impact on your phone’s performance. Just download the application and enjoy its features.

New ML Injector 2021 Updated

The New BOXSkin ML Injector is the latest release of 2021 for ML Users to have a good time with their game or to enhance their skills in the ML game. Just inject the application, and it will enter the code to unlock and feed many Skins for your use. Just enjoy that.

The New Skins are added in v7.1

Add 10 upgrade Skin to skin, and all Bugs Fixed In Latest Version.

  • Argus starwars
  • Cyclops starwars 
  • Esmeralda superhero   
  • Lunox epic   
  • Benedeta collector   
  • Franco free skin top up
  • Update efek recall,spawn & eliminasi – Update skin anime – Update skin to skin – Update intro loading

Features Of New BoxSkin ML Injector APK 

  • Unlocking Skins:

As we mentioned earlier the main priority is providing and unlocking the premium and many different skins for the MLBB gamers. You can different a variety of Skins in this application.

  • Injecting Cheats:

Yes, you cannot just use this application for injecting MLBB Skins. But you can also use this to inject some cheats in the game too. which will make your gaming even better and much more interesting.

  • Compatibility:

There is no restriction for downloading the application. You can run the application on all operating systems of Android. This means that if you are running the game on even the lowest of the Android OS, still it will serve you as it does on the highest level of Android OS. Isn’t that great?

  • No Password policy:

There is no password required for the new version of “Box Skin Injector”. As we know that previous versions were required and it was bothering users. So developers made sure that the new version should be password-free.

  • No Charges:

Absolutely no price will be charged from you for any service mentioned above. Everything is free to use. Just download it from the website, because the application is not on Google Play Store. Just download, Install and enjoy the features and have fun!

More About Injector Ml Skin 2021

Don’t worry if you’re a Mobile Legends Bang Bang player who can’t seem to find an app that allows you to fully control the game, including unlocking skins and changing the background. For you, we always have the greatest alternative. The Ideal New Boskin Injector ML Skin 2021 app is the finest choice for you.

Moreover, Many gamers are unaware of this software at this time, but it will revolutionize the MLBB industry once it is accepted by players. We know that a variety of tools are necessary to unlock ML Skins and change the context. It’s a disaster, and dealing with it is a chore. The New Injector comes with everything. But don’t be lazy; send your updates right away!

The good news for the users of New Boskin Users is that the newest version of the application is completely anti-banning. This means that now you can use the application without the fear of getting banned. Download and Inject skins, skills, and other features without having any doubts because the main focus is to entertain people with the best services that no one else can provide. The Good thing about Boxskin is absolutely free to use.


The application is free and ready to use. Provides the best quality and as well premium Mobile Legends BB Skins to the gamers. Not just Skins but cheats too no password is required after downloading. Just download the application and have a good time using it!.

The application works perfectly for Mobile Legends BB. It has so many great features that will give you complete command of the game. So don’t wait and download the Kaneki ML injector and get all the benefits from it!


What Is New Box Skin Injector 2021 APK?

It is the best Injector App for the MLBB Game, and it can be used for getting Skins for your account freely in 2021.

Is 5.0 is the Latest Version of the New Box Injector?

Yes, The Current Version is NewBoxSkin 7.1

Can New Box Skin ML be Used On Android Phones?

Absolutely, It is made for Android Phones, and It will run Smoothly on android 5.0 and Up. The application is totally safe to use. There are no charges to take from you. The main focus is to give the best services to gamers. Plus, it is more than safe to use.

How To Download New BOX Skin APK in Your Phone?

It can be downloaded directly from the button provided at the top of this page, and after downloading, activate the New BOX Skin on your phone.

Which is the Best Feature of New Boxskin 2021 APK?

One of the best features of the application is the Drone view. Gives you a big picture of the battlefield, that you can judge the next moves of your opponent. Isn’t that great? This feature is something that makes your whole Mobile Legends BB gaming experience great.

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