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Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK

Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK v2.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Gcam Nikia

10 July 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK
Latest Version v2.0
Last Updated 10 July 2023
Publisher Gcam Nikia
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3/5 Rating (2)

Nikita 2.0 Gcam apk is a top-notch camera app with handy features. It is an advantageous application for avid photographers. The convenient and easy user interface of the Nikita 2.0 Gcam app makes it stand out among other camera apps. There is a lot to be thrilled about when it comes to the capabilities that this app provides. HDR+ Support is ultimately the best feature that allows photographers to get the most out of their images with little or no effort.

About the Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK

If you are an enthusiastic photographer but don’t own a professional DSLR, nor do, your phone camera is up to the pal. Nikita 2.0 gcam is the finest option for taking HD-quality pictures on your phone. Anyone searching for an app that is simple to use and manage should download and entirely rely on Nikita 2.0 gcam apk. User-friendly interface and build features to enhance the photographs allow users to turn boring clicks into extravagantly exciting photos. Developers continually update it with new features and enhancements. The most recent update includes a slew of new features. This update includes the ability to capture photos in low exposure without using a flash. In addition to the low-light enhancements, the current version adds the option to capture in RAW format. Furthermore, while capturing photographs, users can easily adjust camera parameters such as brightness and enhancement depending on image entropy. All these features altogether upgrade your photography game.

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Additionally, this app does not demand that its user be an imaginative and skilled photographer. By playing with different tools and effects, they can take intriguing images. Numerous users have attested to this camera app’s quality. It’s your time now to test the features of this app.

Features of Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK

Adjustable camera features

Depending upon the lights, users can take high-quality photos by adjusting brightness, exposure, and warmth in the pictures.

Adjustable aperture

The aperture of a Nikita 2.0 game app is malleable. Light conditions vary depending on when and where you are shooting. And different situations have different light conditions to get the correct photo exposure. So, The aperture can be changed from small to large and narrow to wide.

Auto level

If you struggle with taking straight and leveled photos, then no worries. Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK app has an auto-leveling feature with it. So you can take perfectly level pictures without compromising the quality.

Video shooting

You can also shoot videos while using this app that too in HD quality. You have to press the shutter option long, and you can capture moments in videos.

Night vision

Flashlights can turn your photos into horrible clicks. But if you use this app’s night vision, you can capture moments even in the dark with appropriate detailing and HD quality.

Continual updates

Developers regularly update all the app features to make it better with each passing day.

HDR mode

HDR mode will level up your photography game among all professional photographers. This feature will allow you to capture moments with great detail, balanced contrast, and colors.


Avaricious photographers can turn their boring photographs into sumptuously intriguing clicks by capturing photos using Nikita 2.0 Gcam APK. This updated version lets users capture moments and record more detailed videos in HD quality. Its interface is user-friendly and understandable to everyone. Moreover, It’s compatible with every device. For dull-looking images that will fail to snare the attention of your followership, you can use the image improvement point to tweak visual details and make your videos pop. So whether you’re a professional photographer or not, you can get the most out of this app and make your name in the world of photography.

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