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Level Infinite

21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Nikke APK
Latest Version v107.4.10
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Level Infinite
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Goddess of Victory; the Nikke APK is an upcoming game, expected to be one of best of the application for shooting game that could have next level graphic and animation quality. The builder of the application is the SHIFTUP which has a good reputation of developing amazing games as the Destiny Child is also their production.

Till now our exposure is to the incomplete shooting games. If a shooting game was good in its theme then their animations and graphics quality were low. Sometimes we had good game of shooting which had amazing graphics and animation but was so much slow and hanging. But the coming Nikke APK will be impeccable and would be a complete shooting game we ever have seen.

About the Nikke APK

Goddess of victory; the Nikke APK is a mobile game published by the SHIFTUP who had also published much loved destiny child as well and it is expected to be released in November of 2022. With this application you could possibly have an impeccable shooting game for the first time in history.

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The game is themed by the mysterious post-apocalyptic world where group army of mysterious and enormous modern and old weapons, have destroyed the world and people living in it. The mankind or human have been squeeze to live underground to have their lives saved. As the human weaponry annihilate, the hope that remains behind are the automata girls whose name is NIKKE which is the last weapon to end the battle fighting for mankind to regain control on earth. The over all engineering of the game is to be a third person shooting game.

More about Nikke APK

The player has the grip on to control various NIKKEs to battle against the foe that has so much strong army and enormous weapons. You have the option to fire AOE attacks on your enemy targets. Every of the NIKKE has their own specialty and skill to fight the war and win for humanity, so it’s the player who needs to be smart enough to use them as per their character skills and specialty to have great impact on the progress of wining. To do that you need to have very much strategical mind so that you could maximize the efficiency of the use of NIKKEs.

The character designing, graphics and the animation designing is by illustrator Hyung-tae Kim. The design of the NIKKE are to be amazing girls with perfect figures and personal characteristics and skills. Furthermore the designer has used the paper folding technology to make the battles, characters and animations look more living.

Along all these amazing setups and experiences the game also is supporting the option to play with four of your friends to better complete missions. The application, with ascending levels, will spice up with new extra rules coming on the way while you progress. Other than that there will be stimulation of emotions that you can produce relationships with the NIKKE girls to have it with emotions.

Features of the Nikke APK

The following are the main features of the application which are expected to have a spicy game;

  • NIKKE; the automata girl is the key feature that has intrigued and fascinated so much people.
  • Characters with distinct boldness; the characters are so much of a great designer work.
  • High quality animations.
  • Uniqueness of tactics; the first ever used weapons and strategies for battle would be seen here.
  • Story plotting; plot your own story by being a savior to humankind and humanity.


The application is a uniqueness and impeccable for the first time in the history of shooting game which has so much to it for plotting a story as a player and save the humankind from an unprecedented attack by enormous army loaded by so much updated weaponry. You can have a relationship with the NIKKE girls who are the last hope of the human kind to find for them

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