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NMCorp Video Player APK

NMCorp Video Player APK v2.3.6.6 [Download App] Latest

InShot Inc.

8 September 2023 (10 months ago)

App Name NMCorp Video Player APK
Latest Version v2.3.6.6
Last Updated 8 September 2023
Publisher InShot Inc.
Size 18 MB
5/5 Rating (2)

NMCorp Video Player APK is a unique media player for android users that can do multiple jobs that normal players are not. We will be discussing all of them but let us start with something very interesting. The thing we are talking about is interactive subtitles. You must be wondering what this means if so then let us tell you that you can play around with the subtitles in real time while watching a video.

If you think anything is wrong in a certain way, then you have the authority to overwrite it or erase it and then correct it. This is a superpower that customers are getting in this package because if you have been dealing with other video players then we guarantee you that you would never find this option.

About The NMCorp Video Player APK

Moving on, NMCorp Video Player APK come with many exciting new features that we believe will impress all the users and disrupt the video player section of the internet. Get rid of your old and useless media players and get this new and advanced app right now to play safe. Another feature that we would like to bring into our discussion here is the AI scene recognition capability.

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We all are aware of how AI has taken over the internet these days, so the developers of this app thought of a very creative way of employing AI in video players where it is able to give details about certain scenes in the videos. To our surprise, this feature works very accurately and is able to do its job with great precision. Furthermore, it will also provide you with the emotional scene analysis feature where the app uses AI technology to analyze the emotional orientation of the characters in the video and gives a nice and clean summary about them.

There are some people who like to adjust the sound settings manually so for them we have a very good news as they can perform this function in NMCorp Video Player APK after installing it on their smartphones. Moreover, users can get nostalgic 360 angle shots taken from multiple angles that gives them a feel of experiencing the scene like if it is happening in real time. So, there are lots of pros in this app that makes it one of the best apk files to have on a device.

Features of NMCorp Video Player APK

  • Script to scene mapping

Like Prime Video, users will be able to see many extra details behind the scenes like when you are witnessing a scene then you will also see the script in the side bar.

  • Video remixing

Users are now able to mix different videos and create mashups from various songs that they love listening to.

  • Video to text

The app allows users to convert video to text in just one click.

  • Adaptive lightening

Users do not have to bother adjusting everything themselves, rather they need to take a rest and let the app do it for them.

  • Customization video speed

There are speed options to choose from according to your mood and need.


NMCorp Video Player APK is going to be a big hit in the online market with its incredible features that are being loved by everyone. The automatic content warning feature helps parents keep their children away from harmful content that is present online like adult videos and other sensitive videos. The emotive soundtracks can be used when users are not watching anything and all they want to do is listen to something peaceful so that they could relieve their stress or take a nap for a while. All these and much more. Just by downloading this single app.

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