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Updated to version 7.4.26!

OruxMaps APK allows you to view maps even when you are offline or without an internet connection. It also stores detailed information about the area offline. So it can be quickly accessed when needed, making it ideal for use when traveling in mobile areas with weak or no signal.

The app has a range of map sources available which includes OpenStreetMap (OSM), Google Maps, Bing Maps, and more. All of these can be downloaded onto your device and accessed offline. But only OSM allows you to make edits while others require the internet connection.

Location data such as waypoints and coordinates remain available even when offline. You can plan ahead and mark your destination before heading out on your journey. Your tracks and dead reckoning signals are logged by the app automatically even if there is no GPS signal available. Creating a digital trail of your experience that can easily be shared with other Orux users or exported via social media channels.

About OruxMaps APK

OruxMaps has an extremely detailed set of travel-data. That you can access any time along with extra features like calculators for estimated speed, distance traveled and altitude readings. So you know exactly how far away from home base you may be at any given moment.

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You can point the built-in camera from your Android device directly at coordinates found on signs or maps. Then save those locations without having to copy them down first – great for saving time during adventures. This feature is only accessible via the plus version of OruxMaps. But makes things much easier depending on what territory you’re exploring in during your travels and expeditions.

Features of OruxMaps APK

  • Ability to View Maps Offline:

One of the main features of the app is its ability to view maps without an internet connection. This ensures that you can still access a map when on remote trips and that you don’t have to worry about sending data over a wireless connection.

  • GPX Tracking:

The app allows users to track their route as they travel by allowing them to set up and save track logs in the GPX file format. This feature keeps a complete record of your path including altitude, speed, duration and more.

  • Downloadable Maps:

The app supports both online and offline maps. Which permit users to download faster-loading portions directly into their devices for easy use while in-field or away from an internet connection.

  • OpenGL Support:

It also offers OpenGL support for improved graphic performance on top-end phones such as newer Samsung Galaxy S8 models and others with higher RAM capability and GPU support.

  • Point of Interest Support:

 Point of interest markers are great for getting quick information about specific locations including geographical information such as species names, elevations.

  • Multiple Format or Data Type Support:

Oruxmaps supports many map formats such as OSM (Open Street Map), ZIP archives containing map tiles. SQLite databases generated by Marble Mapper and many more raster image formats like GeoTIFF, JPG, PNG

  • TileServer Support:

OruxMap also offers Tileserver access so users who want further customization inside their individual systems can lead their own tile servers. If desired meaning one can custom design graphics which will be accessed automatically by connecting through local tile servers providing added security levels not accessible elsewhere meaning end points are only visible locally allowing user freedom while preventing interference from outsiders trying hijacking OpenStreetMap structure


Lastly, For those looking for more advanced navigation methods. OruxMaps offers dash boards with multiple indicators for any kind of terrain including temperature, humidity, solar exposure. Allowing experienced adventurers to customize their experience according to their environment needs or wants. Features that are regularly overlooked by novice travelers because they do not realize their importance until put into practice in risky terrains. Best to acquaint yourself with all aspects of this app prior to setting off into dangerous unknown depths where weird anomalies flip around reality itself sometimes.

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