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Paio Hazard APK v7.1 [Latest Version] Free Download

Digital onahooole

9 November 2023 (5 months ago)

App Name Paio Hazard APK
Latest Version v7.1
Last Updated 9 November 2023
Publisher Digital onahooole
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.8/5 Rating (12)

Paio Hazard APK is a platformer and a shooting game that is gathering a lot of attention around the world lately with a rapidly increasing fan base and followers. The game is for people who are crazy about shooting games and love playing them. This game will provide you with an ultimate shooting experience if you are one of the shooting game fans. Download the game now to get the best out of it on time because right now it is being offered for free for the users on a first come first get basis. Later this offer will be discontinued. Talking more about the game, we would love to tell you that the graphics are epic in a way that they seem real when you are playing the game, it feels like you are shooting a real thing.

About The Paio Hazard APK

The game story is also something to talk about, it revolves around a female character whose name is Lena. She is a brave and dauntless spy woman who is on a mission to eliminate the enemy and eradicate the fear in the hearts of the people because of the merciless enemy.

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She comes to a sleepy town where the dwellers are disappearing and nobody knows. What is or who is behind it. The disappearance of people is creating a fearful environment all around the town and people have started feeling worried about their loved ones. Lena happily agrees to take up the case but then a new challenge comes up for her and her team. 

All of a sudden, the whole town gets surrounded by a fog and all of the people start converting to zombies. So, now you are getting the plot right. Yes, this game is about a zombie world. Zombies have been an important part of our lives, especially people who love watching movies. Because they know the essence of zombie movies and the entertainment they provide. 

Features of Paio Hazard APK

  • Zombie 

The game is about a sleepy town where everyone is converting into zombies and a talented young female spy takes up the case of helping the people handling the situation and killing all the zombies so that life gets back to normal. 

  • Graphics 

Whenever we talk about zombies, we talk about blood baths, and guess what. You will be seeing a lot of that in this game because it is the story of shedding blood. The game graphics are up to scratch and we believe that the users are going to love them. 

  • Storyline 

The story is about a female spy named Lena. She is on a mission to save a town from a zombie attack. Download the game to explore what she does to save the town and also assist her in doing her job. 

  • Free of cost 

The game is being offered for free to the users who download it as soon as possible because this is a limited-time offer and it will be discontinued soon.

  • Controls 

The controls are precise and accurate. You will be able to aim and shoot with great accuracy. The game provides the chance to adjust the sensitivity of shooting according to your own choice. 


Paio Hazard APK a stunning and wonderful shooting game that has been released recently. The game provides you with a great opportunity to indulge yourself with an impressive and addictive game that is about fulfilling your wish of being an archer. Download the game by clicking on the link on our site. 

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