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Panda Gamepad Pro APK

Panda Gamepad Pro APK v1.5.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Panda Gaming Studio

17 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name Panda Gamepad Pro APK
Latest Version v1.5.0
Last Updated 17 December 2022
Publisher Panda Gaming Studio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Panda Gamepad Pro is an application for all video game freaks as it is designed as a keymapping application for gamepads and controllers. While playing games on android phones, it is often tiring to give commands by touching the screen, so this problem is resolve by using gamepads. Still, in this era of technology, where each day has new inventions, software engineers have made a tool called keyboard mapping.

Panda gamepad pro basically works as a keymapping application for the gamepads and allows the videogamers to enjoy android games with a new and better touch. It has already preset the most valuable instructions for replaying the mobile control, such as a single touch, motion control, view control, and so on. Whatever games you are interested in, you can always configure the most appropriate keyboard controls for your unique tastes by utilizing this tool. Users can get the best experience of video games by using this tool, as they can customize the rules and create the best possible controls for their games.

About Panda gamepad pro apk

Sole entertainment for today’s generation is video games, and they search for shortcuts and tools to enhance their games and boost their enjoyment while playing those video games. One of the best game tools, Panda Gamepad Pro, enables players to have the finest gaming experience possible while using an Android device. Panda Gamepad APK is a gamepad program that allows users to modify their game controls and map keyboard shortcuts. All gamepad users will find its features and capabilities handy and helpful, and it has simple user intervention.

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Users need to install the required games after pairing their gamepad with Bluetooth or a cable so that the system can detect and scan its characteristics. In order to save setup time for the user, the program will notify the user immediately if the new games already support gamepads. With a few easy steps, players may add any type of game they want to play, and the game will be ready for them to play right away. After installing a game, players may easily personalize each button and control by adding virtual buttons for the game. The game’s software will automatically save these settings for users whenever you add controls and virtual buttons to each of your matches in the panda gamepad pro apk.

Features of Panda gamepad pro apk


After entering any game with the Panda Gamepad Pro, a little bubble will appear, giving gamers immediate access to any essential features or tools. In a few simple steps, players may add any type of game they want to play, and the game will be available to them right immediately. After installing a game, players may simply personalize each button and control by adding virtual buttons to the game. When you add controls and virtual buttons to your panda gamepad pro apk games, the game’s software will remember these settings for users.


Panda Gamepad Pro’s magnificence allows users to connect the gamepad to any game and delivers more astounding capabilities for each button. Furthermore, all add-on capabilities, such as macro, rapid turn, strafe, and others, will be broadly compatible with unique games, allowing players to include any mechanism. This will improve their gameplay experience in numerous ways.

Old controls are automatically synchronized.

Panda Gamepad Pro will store the settings after users add virtual buttons for games to the program. Therefore, you won’t need to repeatedly alter the settings if you switch phones or wish to play it on another device. The most excellent part of this tool is how much time and effort it can save you.


You may link your Google accounts to Panda Gamepad Pro Apk to keep your customized settings and get the finest gaming experience possible. It operates without a hitch, and the user interface is straightforward enough for anybody to use.

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