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Peranyo APK v1.1.14 (Latest Version) – Free Download


22 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Peranyo APK
Latest Version v 1.1.14
Last Updated 22 February 2023
Publisher Peranyo
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (2)

Peranyo APK is a mobile device application that has gone so viral recently. It has amazing features that will make your interaction with your device so much an amazing experience. The application enhances the way and quality of your experience with your mobile. The application is a third party application that means you will not find it in google play store rather you can get it from other reliable sources. Putting this Infront we have done our research to make the application as clear the users as possible. In this article every possible feature and component is described very well.

About Peranyo APK

Peranyo APK offers an amazing set of features that are not available from other such sources and operating systems. It contains features like media player, image displayer, file manager and a lot more. The application is free to download and use so, anyone who wants these amazing features in their mobile can get the application.

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The application contains a unique media player. This amazing player plays any kind of audio or video format. This player has got the support of subtitles as well. You can create your own playlist, make your favorite music a set, and organize your music any way you want. It allows you to play the music in the background and use applications in any time.

Another useful feature of Peranyo APK is its file manager. The file manager allows you to browse through your device’s files and folders, and it also lets you perform operations such as copying, moving, and deleting files. The file manager also has a search function, which makes it easy to find specific files on your device.

A useful feature of the application is its file manager. This feature of the application helps you to search for the files and folders in the application. The feature helps you to get things in an organize way and get to them quickly. it helps you do copy the files, moving files or deleting files. The feature has a search bar that helps user to get to the require file easily.

The application is edit able and has available themes. You can customize the design of the apps in your device, change fonts, color, size, and layout. This makes your device interface look amazing and stylish.

Features of Peranyo APK

Media player; the application contains a media player that helps users to play any type of video and audio. It supports the subtitle feature that users can have the subtitles of the song or the video.

Background player; the audio and video players can run in the background. This means that the users can use other applications while playing videos and music.

The file manager; the file manager of the application helps users to get to the files and documents easily. Also helps users to copy, delete, move or do other stuff with the files.

Customization: The app is customizable, with a range of themes available. You can also customize the app’s interface by changing the font size, color, and layout.

Customize; the application is also customizable, you can change the looks, font size and ther stuff of the application.

Audio recorder: The app also has an audio recorder that allows you to record audio on your device. The recorder has a range of settings that you can customize, such as the audio quality and format.

Audio recorder; the application has its own audio recorder. This allows you to record your voice or any program.

The application contains further Text editor, image viewer and other such features.


To sum it up, Peranyo APK is an amazing application for all those who want their mobile interface look amazing and beautiful. The application packed with amazing features that contain music player, fie manager, themes, video player and other customizable stuff that makes your system look amazing.

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