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Updated to version 1.92!

PGSharp APK is a tool for Android devices that allows players of Pokemon GO to manipulate their GPS location in the game, giving the appearance of playing from a different location without actually moving. This tool can be useful for catching rare Pokemon, hatching eggs faster, and participating in in-game events. PGSharp allows players to overcome this limitation and virtually transport themselves to different locations in the game.

About PGSharp APK

Pokemon GO remains a beloved mobile game even after its release over four years ago. In addition to appealing to fans of the classic Pokemon franchise, the game also offers unique augmented reality gameplay that allows players to discover and catch Pokemon in the real world. While this aspect of the game adds an element of excitement, it can also be limiting as players must physically move around to encounter different Pokemon. To overcome this limitation, some players opt to use PGSharp, which allows them to alter their GPS location in the game.

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One reason for using PGSharp is to access rare Pokemon that may only be found in certain parts of the world or only available for capture at certain times. These rare creatures may have unique characteristics or abilities that make them highly desirable for players to catch. By using PGSharp, players can virtually transport themselves to locations where these rare Pokémon can be found and add them to their collection. In addition to catching rare Pokemon, PGSharp can also be used to expedite the hatching process for eggs in Pokemon GO. These eggs will hatch into Pokemon once the player has walked a certain distance with the game app open.

More about the app

By using PGSharp to manipulate their GPS location, players can cover this distance much more quickly and hatch their eggs at a faster rate. This can be especially useful for players who want to obtain certain Pokemon that can only be obtain through hatching eggs. Another reason to use PGSharp is to participate in in-game events that are only available in certain regions or during certain times. These events may offer exclusive bonuses, challenges, or other special features that are not available at other times. By using PGSharp to alter their GPS location, players can join in on these events and take advantage of the unique opportunities they offer, even if they are not physically located in the required region.

Features of PGSharp APK:

Multiple Locations

PGSharp allows players to select from a list of pre-defined locations or enter their own custom coordinates. This allows players to easily “teleport” to any location they desire.

Customizable Walking Speed

 PGSharp allows players to customize the speed at which their character “walks” in the game. This can be useful for hatching eggs or completing certain challenges that require the player to walk a certain distance.

Joystick Mode

 PGSharp includes a “joystick” mode, which allows players to manually control the movement of their character in the game. This can be useful for catching Pokemon or exploring the virtual world of Pokemon GO.

Automatic Captcha Solving

 PGSharp includes a feature that automatically solves the Captcha challenges that sometimes appear when using GPS spoofing software. This can save players time and frustration.

In-Game IV Checker

 PGSharp includes an in-game IV checker, which allows players to easily determine the “individual values” (IVs) of their Pokemon. IVs are hidden statistics that determine a Pokemon’s overall strength and potential.


PGSharp APK is an Android app that allows Pokemon GO players to spoof their GPS location, giving the appearance of playing from a different location without physically moving. The app offers multiple locations, customizable walking speed, joystick mode, automatic captcha solving, and an in-game IV checker. PGSharp can be useful for catching rare Pokemon, hatching eggs faster, and participating in in-game events.

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