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Pico Park APK v1.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


19 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Pico Park APK
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 19 March 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Everyone and every gamer knows the importance of playing puzzles Games. The games which are been in the market for long time and still had a fair portion in today gaming world despite some setbacks. The Puzzles games have the features that no any game can offer: Simplicity and IQ test. While playing puzzles games, your goal is to solve the puzzles. That can in the form of map, mystery solve and any other form. You are using your critical thinking to solve the puzzle, which is in turn sharpening your skills while playing. What if a Puzzle game is offering you puzzle experience with Action with cooperative play option with many modes and features. That you can immerse yourself in the game for all the day and would never get bored of solving action puzzles? Then download Pico Park APK today.

About Pico Park APK

Pico Park APK is a game developed TecoPark based in Tokyo, Japan. Pico Park is an action puzzle game with the feature of playing cooperatively online or offline. The game have one straightforward mission to give you the best puzzling with action experience. The Playing rules of the game are quite simple: You have to get all the keys that are hidden in the game arena, reached to the goal and clear the level. It is a multiplayer game with 2-8 players where you have to cooperate with your friends to clear up the level.

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Secondly, Pico Park is the perfect game to play with the friends, parents and children. The Pico Park have total 48 levels with each level having different level of difficulty and mission. All 48 levels have distinctive tactics designed specifically for multiplayers. At most levels, variety of gimmicks you would experience as you proceed forward. You will need to support and collaborate with your peers and have to find out about new ways to cooperate. In the Pico Park, the levels gimmicks changed according to the number of players.

Another great feature is that it offers many modes you can play. If you complete all 48 levels, you have the option of playing in Endless mode and Battle Mode, once you are done with Co-op Mode. In both modes, with your peers you can build a high score for yourself to be featured in the leaderboard of the games.

Features of Pico Park APK

  • Simple and Attractive Design

Pico Park came with a simple promise to have a puzzle action game for everyone including children’s, adults and seniors. The game have simple control option and had attractive avatars with colorful design’s and decorations.

  • Unique Levels

Each level of the game is unique and different from its previous level. Each level have different designs, obstacles and gaming arena. Thus, in each level you would expect a new challenge and puzzle to solve.

  • Variety of Modes

Beside Co-Op mode, you can play Pico Park in Endless mode in which you can aim to have a high score with collaborating friends online. In battle mode, you can challenge your friend to have one to one battle to find the key and win the game.

  • Invite Friends

 Last but not least, you can invite your friends to join you in playing the game. Form a 2-8 person team with your pals and enter the battleground.


In conclusion, Pico Park is a complete package and gaming experience for the fans of puzzles games. With simple control, funny avatars designs and different modes of games make it perfect game to play in your spare time. Want to check out your IQ level and puzzling solving skills? You don’t have to look any further. Pico Park is ready to download right now.

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