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Pikmin Bloom APK v66.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Niantic, Inc.

27 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Pikmin Bloom APK
Latest Version v66.0
Last Updated 27 March 2023
Publisher Niantic, Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Every gamer knows about the most hit virtual Reality game Pokemon. The game become a global hit. Pokemon through enchanting plot and Virtual reality becomes a worldwide success. Playing the same game for a long time makes it very boring and not interesting. Pokemon games are often being criticized for their negative impact on gamers. The Pokemon many missions are awkward which makes gamers uncomfortable while playing. Game developers are trying to have a game that matches your real life. Many game developers are on the mission to develop such games which not only just for enjoyment but for learning and helping. Do you want to build a habit of walking and growing? Are you someone who is passionate about improving your health and wellbeing through playing a virtual game? Then download Pikmin Bloom APK right now!

About Pikmin Bloom APK

Pikmin Bloom APK is the VR-based walking app developed by Niantic, Inc. The app is being categorized in the adventure section of the app store. This is the release from the creator of Pokémon Go, and another app designed to get you moving in the real world. The Pikmin Bloom is here to make our walking more interesting and fun. The main mission of the Pikmin Bloom is to encourage walking and become connecting with the outside nature and the world. The task of the player of Pikmin Bloom is to grow as much as Pikmin. For your information’s Pikmin are sensitive plant creatures that work well in groups and have distinctive capabilities dependent on their color.

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Furthermore, In the main games, players control great groups of them to solve puzzles. The primary goal is to collect and help other new creatures to grow through walking. It’s sort of a mix between a puzzle game and real-time strategy through the use of Virtual Reality. In the early stages of the game at least early on the goal is primarily to collect and grow new creatures. You do this, of course, by walking. You can gather new seeds to plant in your backpack and each needs a certain number of steps of walking commitment by the players to grow into a full-on Pikmin. This game is about commitments and growing your Pikmin.

Another great feature is that you can save your walking memories. At the end of the day, you can check out your number of steps and steps count. In addition to that, you can also revisit the path you took on that particular day and bring back your memories pictures, and visuals. You can also send out your Pikmin Expeditions to pick up the fruit and seedling while coming back home from the home.

Features of Pikmin Bloom APK

  • Walk and Grow

The game offer’s you a straightforward mission: You have to walk to grow more and more Pikmin. Pikmin grows from seedlings with every step you take while walking. When they are big enough, pluck them out to have them trail along. The more you walk, the more Pikmin will join your team Pikmin squad.

  • Varieties of Pikmins

There are lots of Pikmin you can meet during the game. There are seven types of Pikmin in total, and all of them have their own unique characteristics. For example, some can fly others are incredibly strong. You can have a chance to become a Decor Pikmin.

  • Different  Challenges

In this game, there are many adventurous and exciting challenges you can tackle with Pikmin. You can grow nearby mushrooms with a lot of fruits and many other tasks.

  • Make new Friends

In this Virtual Reality game, you can make new friends. In the game, you can meet and greet and also can you can have a chance to meet in the real-life as well. Thus, walking with making new friends in your neighborhood.


AT last, the Pokemon developers have finally released this masterpiece app. Everyone knows the importance of walking and caring for the trees. Now, with this app, let practice your walking habits with extra enjoyment and adventures in the VR and real mixed life. Want to get started with the game right now, then don’t go anywhere from here. Your Pikmin Bloom is ready to download!

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