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Pixelplay APK v2.6 (Latest Version) Free Download

Pixelplay APK v2.6 (Latest Version) Free Download

30 May 2023 (1 year ago)

Last Updated 30 May 2023
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We all love taking pictures right? But there are only a few people who know how to turn those pictures into something amazing through editing and enhancement platforms. This is a limitation that all of us have came across at any stage of our lives but guess what? You will be delighted to hear that we have something that will just blow your mind after hearing about it and we think that you are in dire need of it if you are someone who is a technojunky and take too many pictures to impress your friends. The app name is Pixelplay APK, this is an AI photo editing app that does everything on its own, you do not have to do anything when you have got this platform on your device.

If you have started feeling tired of asking different people about editing your pictures than put a stop to it right now, you only have to have this app and bang! all that you were going through will be sort in a matter of seconds. The app is not too old as it has launched recently but we tell you what, it works damn good at what it has been design for.

About Pixelplay APK

There is a new revolution in the editing industry and its called Pixelplay APK. We understand that sometimes you just feel like asking a friend to edit another picture would feel comfortable or annoy him because he cannot just sit and keep editing pictures for you. So, there is a solution for that now, you will be able to do all the edits by yourself with this AI enhancement app and there is no need to have someone with you.

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When you open the app, it does not have too many confusing and saturated features on the interface, there is just a simple and single box that asks you to drop your picture in and a big enter button below if, hitting that button will begin your edit that will just take a few seconds and provide you with the most amazing and superb picture. This is not like the ordinary free feature that almost all editing apps have that’s call enhance, which after clicking improve some lighting issues and says that it has edit the picture, that is only a scam and nothing else. You need a more professional and expert platform that could work on every pixel of your photo and make sure no issues are record that could make you feel embarrass in front of your loved ones.

More About the App

What are the main things that you look for in a photo editing app? The effects, filters, image quality, or any other thing? Worry not because everything that you look for we have looked into it and after a considerable amount of research we have made this app available for you so that you could do things differently then others who are missing out on a perfect AI tool that can proved life saving to them.

So, continuing out elaboration of the app, let us tell you that this is a mobile friendly application. You must have notice so far that many AI apps are not support in mobile phones because making an app has been a simple thing lately so everyone just designs it and launches on different app stores. From where people access them, they do not work on making them usable in different devices with varying display sizes.

One of the scariest nightmare that we all have regarding these apps is the reduction in the imagine size, we think that these apps will distort the size and reduce pixels in the pictures which is not true for this app as you will notice it yourself that there is absolutely no messing with the quality of the picture.

Features of Pixelplay APK:

  1. Photo sharing: You can export your pictures in the bestest size through this app, you will get them in your gallery once you click the export button after completing the project. If you do not want them in your gallery then specify a particular location and they will get saved in that direction right away.
  1. Typography: No once likes the default text styles and sizes or the colors, we all want things according to our taste so rest assures because there are all these options. These features allow you to make your picture look more creative in the eyes of the people who will see your photo.
  1. Presets: You must have been watching long youtube videos just to get a free preset password that peeps out the screen during the video. This is a painful process because you have to keep looking at the screen until you get all the digits in the password. Well, you would regret all that time that you have wasted on those videos after checking the wonderful free presets in this application.
  1. Batch editing: Many of the times you edit more than one picture together but there are only a few apps that allow you to edit all of them together but this app will enable you to apply the same editing on all of them simultaneously without having to work hard on selecting individual pictures and working on them for minutes.
  1. Retouching: You will find complete apps on different app stores that are only design to perform this single feature of giving a nice retouch to your pictures to make it more clearer and nice. Moreover, it also enhances the picture quality if you have a blur picture and you want to clean it.


Pixelplay APK brings you the limitless entertainment opportunity with a great AI editing option that has no boundaries at all. There is a free version and also a paid version of this app, do not get disappoint if you cannot afford the paid version because you can still use many of the features that are integrate in this app without having to subscribe the premium version of this app.

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