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Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK v5.1 – Latest Version


16 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK
Latest Version v5.1
Last Updated 16 March 2023
Publisher Schrroms
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category RPG Maker XP
3.7/5 Rating (3)

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK is a new fan-made game that has come into existence through the fusion of two great Pokemon games. The game is based on the famous Pokemon Fusion Web App. The game takes you on an entirely new journey where you explore a whole lot of new places and regions that have snow-capped mountains and also an abundance of Greenlands. Unlike the other games, this one allows you to interact with more characters and explore new people as well. If you have been playing Pokemon games then you should give it a try as well, we hope that you will love this one. 

About Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK

With Joiplay Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK you can embark on new challenges and unlock new Pokemon that will bring you new challenges and unique experiences as we say that Pokemon is not just a game it is a whole experience that we go through when we open the game and start playing that is why millions of people got addicted to this game within a few days of its release. The game has a massive open environment that lets you participate in different double battles which are a wonderful method of collecting points. 

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Furthermore, the app also helps you interact with different gym trainers and NPC characters. After every NPC match, you gain strength and become more powerful for the next ventures. The game might not satisfy you up to the level that the original one does but as this is a fan-made app so you cannot expect extraordinary performance from the game, there will be moments when you will face some bugs and glitches but everything is getting fix. What makes this game interesting is the compelling gameplay and storyline. When it comes to the graphics, it enables the users to experience generation 5 graphics that are originally used in the Pokemon Go version and if you are a regular player of this game then you will recognize these graphics. 

Features of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK

  • Graphics 

The game offers generation 5 graphics that are known to be the most prominent and asked graphics in a game. Most importantly, these graphics have been used in the original version so you will get a feel of the Pokemon Go itself.

  • Fan-made version 

The game is the fan-made version of the famous Pokemon game, it has been design by the fusion of two games. Different factors from both versions are available in the game. Enjoy the greatness of two of the best Pokemon games in one package. 

  • Regular updates 

The app gets updated frequently and the good news is that you can get all the updates from our site. You do not have to go anywhere else for the updates. Update it regularly so that the issues that you face will resolve in the latest versions. 

  • Open environment 

You have an open game arena that has no end, go anywhere you want in the game. This is an open environment game in which the map is very large. 

  • Free game 

This game does not charge anything from the users for its usage. 


In conclusion, you must have seen the Pokemon Go game and there are high chances that you must have played it too, then this app is going to entertain you a lot because this is a fan-made blend of two famous Pokemon Go games that come up with amazingly designed new features and options. One of the highlighted features is the generation 5 graphics which are best graphics around the gaming industry. Download Joiplay Pokemon Infinite Fusion Android APK to enjoy your time and get yourself a quality gaming experience. 

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