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Poly Bridge APK v1.4.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download Android

Dry Cactus Limited

29 January 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Poly Bridge APK
Latest Version v1.4.2
Last Updated 29 January 2023
Publisher Dry Cactus Limited
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Create bridges with thousands of different building materials and combinations. Poly Bridge APK is an incredibly versatile arcade game that allows you to create your own bridge designs. From a wide variety of components including tension cables, trusses, wooden planks, and more. With over 15 million user created levels thus far. There are endless possibilities for the types of bridges you can construct.

In this virtual environment, users must take into account the natural properties of physical objects. Including weight distribution, tension forces and buoyancy laws while constructing their own bridges. Whether you are dealing with archways or cable-trussed girders. Players will find themselves surrounded by compelling puzzles that require clever engineering solutions in order to succeed.

After creating a structure in the build mode, test out your design using water and dummies. To make sure everything performs exactly as it should on your bridge models. As well as testing for payloads and stability in this mode you can also make unexpected events happen. Like earthquakes and floods to see how your structures will hold up in extreme conditions.

About Poly Bridge APK

Using Poly Bridge APK you can have fun with friends online by forming clans and discovering new levels made by other players around the world. CrossClan allows each player or clan member to share their experience points and top scores across all platforms which makes it easier than ever before for everyone compete against one another on a global scale whilst making progress together at the same time.

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Use special items and devices like stone cutters for added control when programming new mechanical stunts within any level. Players can activate levers and switches controlling mechanisms such as ramps and conveyor belts giving more freedom for creating even more ambitious props throughout game play experiences than ever before – inspiring us to use our imaginations even further whilst pushing boundaries set by traditional sandbox gaming environments.

Features of the Poly Bridge APK

  1. Realistic physics

One of the main features of Poly Bridge APK is its realistic physics-based gameplay. The game utilizes real-world engineering principles such as tension and compression to simulate bridges, allowing players a more accurate and interactive experience. This also applies when dealing with other aspects of the environment such as gravity, water resistance, buoyancy, and more.

2. Intuitive controls

It also offers an intuitive control scheme that’s simple to pick up and quickly master. Players can use their fingers or stylus to draw lines on their device’s touchscreen in order to construct bridges from parts like blocks, cables, beams, pillars and so on. Additionally, the interface is intuitive enough to give visual feedback when something is done wrong or needs fixing in order for your bridge to be effective.

3. Challenging levels

The game contains over 100 varied and challenging levels featuring different objectives such as building bridges for cars to cross safely, rescuing stranded characters by transporting them across the river using your bridge design, balancing towers that need bridging over a valley etc.

Additional Features

4. Variety of materials

Players have access to a variety of materials including wood planks, steel girders cables and rope which can be arranged in various ways using basic engineering principles in order build the strongest possible bridge that meets the requirements of each level. With creative combinations of materials at hand each bridge design offers its own unique test of your engineering mettle.

5. Puzzle Maker Mode

The puzzle maker mode allows you create custom levels by designing your own intricate structures out from available parts and objects like fans or air balloons which further enhances the game’s replayability value.

6. Colorful and comic visuals

Poly Bridge APK has a bright and colorful art style complemented by humorous banter between characters throughout its story campaign adding an extra layer of fun for anyone who plays this physical arcade masterpiece.


Moreover, Gamers are encouraged to create unique levels requiring either unusual materials or completely new concepts that must be mastered such as driving vehicles across the bridge or keeping something balanced at all times – perfect for embodying that inner engineer within us all.

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