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Project GLUTT APK 1.0 [Latest Version] For Android Download


7 September 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Project GLUTT APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 7 September 2023
Publisher draconicsynax
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.7/5 Rating (14)

Project GLUTT APK introduces a clever mechanic of devouring the enemies with a limit on your consumption. This means that you have to be thoughtful and strategic with your life to make it out alive. While having a set number of lives can be intimidating, it is also a challenge that keeps players coming back for more as they strive to succeed in this smartly designed game.

A key component of project GLUTT APK is resource management. As an android, you must ration your energy resources carefully between moving, attacking, and evading enemy threats. By keeping track of how much life each attack costs you, users are encouraged to pick their battles wisely or potentially lose the entire game before it ends.

One of the unique traits of Project GLUTT is its world-building puzzle platforming gameplay. As you progress through levels, new puzzle elements emerge as enemies move strategically around objects and create new pathways that must be navigated quickly, or threatening obstacles must be overcome cleverly to complete the level successfully without wasting lives over careless mistakes.

About Project GLUTT APK

With intuitive touchscreen controls featured within this apk, it has never been easier for users to contemplate precise movement options for their characters using their Android devices. The devices like; smartphones and tablets and then execute those moves smoothly on screen in real-time. All with minimal effort required from the user making playing this game a truly engaging experience.

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If regular single-player gameplay isn’t enough excitement, then join forces with other guests. You can also take on friends locally or online via Wifi hotspot connection and compete against each other. By taking turns navigating processes until one team reaches their checkpoints first. For that you need adding immensely to replay value as players have many battling modes to choose from based on desired opposition type.

Boasting stunning 3D graphics which showcase beautiful emerald hues within vivid forest scenes and swirling blues which instill a sense of free flight maneuverability. Do not forgetting realistic splashes accompanying watery hazards. which intrigue continues as audio accompaniments add an extra layer of emotional appeal delivered. The emotions delivered through voice acting compliments mood-setting musical cues highlighting combat intensity during encounters featuring hostile forces hell-bent on thwarting your destruction mission. 

Features of Project GLUTT APK:

  1. Worthy 2D projects:

Project GLUTT APK is a fast-paced 2D project platform where the player takes control of a gooey globular creature in search of adventure and enemy destruction.

2. Unique moves:

The creature, dubbed Glutt, has the unique ability to both jump on enemies and eat them whole.

3. Interesting story making situations:

As Glutt eats more enemies, he grows in size until reaching a specific limit. At this point, his only option is to try and devour another enemy of the same size or larger. However, if no large enough one exists, then Glutt will turn back into his original form. After that any progress won’t be registered in his points ranking system.

4. Magical characters:

Getting bigger isn’t just a mechanic either, as Glutt grows, he gains new abilities like dashing forward. All this even flying through the air, all while consuming everything along his mystical path.

5. You can reach a different level in the game:

Along with devouring enemies, various collectibles are located throughout each level, along with two different types of stars that Glutt can grab for additional points. Special bonuses are earned from completing challenges as well as defeating bosses scattered throughout world.

6. Players can reach multiple levels:

The game features multiple levels that take players from lush forests to dark dungeons and other stunning environments unseen in most mobile games. On the other hand, this game introduces several challenges coupled with tricky traps to create even more exciting gameplay opportunities.


Last but not least, all the features enthrall the endless list of bosses found. Most levels are consistent with scaling increasing difficulty levels. Get the Project GLUTT APK now and get your dream gameplay with a click.

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