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Qasim786 APK v1.0 (Latest Version) – Download Free


12 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Qasim786 APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher SD DEW
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Education
2.7/5 Rating (3)

The most debatable topic nowadays is whether technology, more specifically the internet and related things, is helpful. So, to put it in simple terms, it is all on people themselves, whether they are using it for their benefit or just as a source of fun. Internet or social media has both sides, the negative and the positive, but it is the person who is using it.

It all depends on a single individual; they can make it the best learning source for him or herself. You will come across many things and applications on the internet, but your choice matters the most. If you wish, you can access all those things which will be a time-wasting thing and nothing more. On the other hand, other options will lead you towards pieces of information and learning if you choose.

Thus, blaming the internet or any apps is not intellectual. Software developers always try to work on people’s demands as today’s world is mostly in search of pieces of information and learning. This demand has led software developers to focus on applications that provide information details. Thus another such application is the Qasim786 APK which is more concerned with learning and pieces of information.

About the Qasim786 APK

Qasim786 APK is an application specially designed for people. However, this application is for you, specifically those who want more knowledge and information. Therefore, this application combines various informative things like speeches, short clips, books, and many more. All these sources will exclusively present the life of Mufti Qasim.

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The name of the application refers to the name of a person. Thus it would not be wrong to say this app is a history book that Naseem Hijazi writes. In addition to the history, you will find lots of informative material, including short clips, in this application. All those information will be a source to enlighten your soul.

As the name suggests, this application focuses mainly on Maulana Mufti Qasim Attari. Therefore, this application contains programs, short clips, and speeches that will enlighten your mind. With all its incredible features, this application provides a calm platform where you can learn many new things. Thus with this application, you can spend your time more fruitfully than many others.

Features of the Qasim786 APK

Informative: The most convincing feature of Qasim786 APK is that it contains different information. This application clears many negative thoughts of people regarding the internet and other related things. This application is the best example for those who think the internet or different applications are a waste of time and nothing else.

Free to download: Another fruitful feature of Qasim786 APK is that you can download it freely without investing a single penny. Thus while downloading Qasim786 APK, do not worry about the money; click on the download button.

Free of registrations and subscriptions: Qasim786 APK does not demand any registration or subscriptions. It is free of registrations and subscriptions, so be happy to have this application on your device.

Stream-free: The unique feature of the Qasim786 APK that stands out from the crowd of applications is the stream-free option. No other application has this feature. All applications ask for something in return for streams. However, with Qasim786 APK, you can enjoy the free streaming option without a single worry.

Best quality: Qasim786 APK provides you with everything from videos to the best quality book. You will enjoy the best collection of short clips and speeches with the help of this application.


In a nutshell, Qasim786 APK’s user-friendly interface is the best application you can have on your devices. Moreover, its features make it a unique application and a learning platform. Thus, download Qasim786 APK now and enjoy all the incredible features.

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