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Queen of the Jungle APK

Queen of the Jungle APK v1.0 (Latest Version) Free Download


15 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Queen of the Jungle APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 15 May 2023
Publisher Dima2601
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The Queen of the Jungle APK is a thrilling game that lets the gamers enjoy two things in one package. The first thing is the experience of wandering in a jungle alone that is something that almost everyone wants to experience once in their lives. This experience can be observed and lived through this game as it has been designed according to the map and landscapes of Amazon forest that is mainly located in Brazil. You must have heard about this forest before but most of you would never in your lives been there once, if that is so. There has been a great graphics work in the game because the graphic designers were aware that for such a game that is full of details they need to come up with new and innovative techniques otherwise it was never possible to make this game.

About Queen of the Jungle APK

The Queen of the Jungle APK has to collect all the treasure within a minute, if she is not able to do that then there is a concern that she would lose all the progress she has made so far. So, you must have take the idea that the game is time bound and everything has to be done on time otherwise there is a high chance that you will be left behind and the chances of winning will be minimum.

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There are a number of secrets to unveil that will open new doors for you and some of them would bring new opportunities while others will come up with new challenges that you will have to face with the existing supply of resources that is going to be a huge issue to think about. For cases like that, you will have to make an effective plan so that you timely act when the situation gets worse. For games like these, you cannot succeed or complete your goals without a perfect gameplan in hand as there will be different scenarios that you will have to deal with in the game.

More About the App

The Queen of the Jungle APK is a perfect assessment of your speed and reaction as there is a short time. As we have said before you have to collect as much treasure as you can within one minute so that you can manage to buy different stuff with it. You will have to showcase your skills and complete your assignments on time.

The game falls under the arcade category which means there will be a lot of fighting and stuff. The fighting would need you to learn some skills that will be helpful while you deal with your enemies. We believe that main thing that will attract you in this game is the Queen who is the best example of perfection when it comes to the looks and the outfit. She takes care of her outfit and mainly the jewelry. As the game is set in a place that is full of details and components that have their own uniqueness in everything that they are made of, so for games like these, doing the best graphics work is the most challenging thing because it requires great professionalism.

Features of Queen of the Jungle APK:

  1. Limitations

If you do not want to waste your time playing again and again, then play wisely in the first place. because the game is time bound and you will have to complete the tasks on time, if you are unable to do that then you will get knocked out of the game. It is very painful if someone knocks you out and we know you do not want such an outcome.

2. Treasure

There are two type of treasures. Most of the times, you get amazing surprises in this kind of treasure. The second is the open treasure that you can visually see on the way and you simply add it to your wallet.

3. Wild adventure

You will get a chance to see and experience the forest adventure in the game. We assume that you must not have experienced such a thing before but after downloading this game you can do that as well. There are wonderful details and great efforts put in to make up to the mark graphics so when you get the game we are sure that you will like it and consider playing it more than once.

More Features

4. Creatures

You will meet many things in the game that belong to different species, one of them is the monsters and the others are normal animals. You can develop your skills by learning some from the animals in the game. These animals have skills that are perfect for surviving in jungle and such scenarios, if you want to win the game then go for this plan.

5. Monsters

There is always a fear of getting killed and eliminated because the second thought that you get after the thought of winning the game. If you are unable to safeguard yourself from the monsters in the game then get ready for a painful death because they will not show any mercy because you have invaded their home and whoever does that they just kill them wildly.


Get ready for an amazing forest tour with the Queen of the Jungle APK. Help the Queen reach her final finish line so that she could reclaim her throne. After the queen gets what is hers then she will help you get what you want as well. One of those things is the wealth. Getting wealth through a shortcut is all what we all want. You can do that here in this game after helping the protagonist. you will be her right hand and protect her from every evil that will come to kill her and dethrone her. You can get the game through this site for free unlike others would ask you to pay an amount for that.

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