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Rank Booster VIP S27 APK v2.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


28 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Rank Booster VIP S27 APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 28 March 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.7/5 Rating (15)

We are announcing the most awaited cheat-injecting application for MLBB game-the Rank Booster VIP S27 APK. This is a free-to-download application that will help MLBB players to get higher ranks easily. It comes with various tools, cheats, and tricks that user can apply to the MLBB game which makes the game pretty easy. Also, it offers all the premium items of the game including skins, characters, outfits, weapons, and a lot more.

About Rank Booster VIP S27 APK

The Rank Booster VIP S27 APK is a groundbreaking application that will enable the user to inject different tools and cheats into the MLBB game. The application offers different tools that are enlisted into tables with a simple click option. Once the player opens the user interface, he or she can access all the cheats or tools. Most players prefer to enable the tools in the lobby but some like to utilize these tools during battles on the field.

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Adding to that, the application is offering all the premium outfits and skins of characters like Assassin, Mage, Support, etc. These skins were not open to access without premium entry but Rank Booster VIP S27 APK has made it free to use the skins. With that, the application also offers free premium weapons that users can upgrade to deal more damage and destroy the armies instantly.

More about the app

Moreover, the application offers different features that make the game easier and smoother but it also makes the graphics look more realistic. The sound effects and image quality of the game will improve as the player injects the cheats. With that, the feature of auto win saves more time by skipping easy missions. Also, certain levels in the MLBB game are pre-determined by the player and they know the fate of such levels; so the auto-win option can be used in this regard as well.

Furthermore, the application gives security to the user’s game account by canceling reports through the anti-detect feature. Also, the gaming account will not be banned if detected by the officials because the anti-ban feature protects the account. So, the players of MLBB must not hesitate to use this free yet amazing application to win every mission and rank higher among the top players.

Features of Rank Booster VIP S27 APK

Free to access

The application does not charge any single cent or put the user in an irrelevant registration procedure. Players can access all the features, tools, cheats, and tricks for free.

Unlock Premium Skins

The skins and outfits enhance the skills of the characters and weapons. Players love to have beautiful and powerful skins and costumes that add to a more good game. So, the application will unlock skins for all the available items including weapons and characters as well.

Auto Win

The MLBB game has certain missions and levels that are not very difficult and the user knows that they will win these battles. So, they can use the auto-win tools to save time and skip these easy missions but the winning point will be added to the score.


There are many location tools and cheats available on this application that tells about the exact position of the opponent players. The ESP lines will draw a visual line toward the opponents and other tools will tell about the key fighting positions on the map.

User interface

The user interface of Rank Booster VIP S27 APK is far smoother than other injector applications. It contains all the tools and features in tables with intriguing menus. The themes and design of the interface are perfect for all android devices.


Lastly, the Rank Booster VIP S27 APK is making MLBB the easiest battle royal game for the players. It offers many tools and cheats that will help new players to score higher and win every mission easily. The best user interface packed with free premium features is waiting for the players to explore them and be a top-notch player in the MLBB community. So, download the application now!

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