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Reconstruction Game APK

Reconstruction Game APK v1.0.1 (Latest Version) Free Download

hamza Yaseen

9 July 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Reconstruction Game APK
Latest Version v1.0.1
Last Updated 9 July 2023
Publisher hamza Yaseen
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Reconstruction Game APK takes you to the future world of 2098. Times after the great atomic bomb was detonated and most of the human race eradicated from the world as a result of that explosion. This is a time when the humanity fights with the machines that they once built for their own assistance believing that they will ease their burden but now they have taken over the world and rebelling against their former masters. This harsh time has brough many challenges to the humanity that they must face to survive on the face of this earth otherwise things are going to get worst for them and for everyone.

About Reconstruction Game APK

The years after the atomic blast have not been easy for the survivors. They have emerged as safe after a terrifying bomb attack and now they are up against an unimaginable enemy who was thought to be their companion in sorrow. The artificial intelligence that the people created for their own good want all of them dead soon and wants to end human existence on this planet.

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Reconstruction Game APK comes with dynamic machine enemies who will be trying to outnumber the humans and take their lives as soon as they can. The machines are just like you have seen in the Transformer movie series. They will be ruthless and harsh on the people they are fighting against. This will need each side to strenghten itself so that it can manage to win some way or the other. The living cannot take any chances of taking their enemy as weak, they are more powerful than any other thing in the existing world right now and they must be dealt with great care. You will play this game as the protagonist or the central player in the game. It is your task to save everyone.

Features of Reconstruction Game APK:

  1. High Quality Visuals

There will be some nice worked graphics as this name suggests, it involves the featuring of robots and AI stuff so that is why the visuals have been well take care of which you will also notice.

2. Rise of machines

This game is about facing an enemy that is not living, we believe this is a great mission but we also have faith in you and we know that you will help people get out of this quagmire that they are in.

3. Defense

The game provides players with enough defense components so that they could equip themselves and use them wherever they need them. These things will enable them to make the perfect move.

4. Base building

You must preliminarily know your enemy to defeat it. For that, you need a deep inspection of the enemy grounds. This will be possible with maps and other helping tools that are available to you in the game.

5. Skill possession

The players need to develop great skills to be able to fight against this enemy otherwise they will face a worst fate that they cannot even imagine.


Reconstruction Game APK is the one battlefield that you want to be once in your life if you are a love of non living beasts. These merciless metalic pieces of shit should taken down as soon as possible before they end everything that exists of us here. They are more power than ever before, they have taken over the land and have restricted the humans to mountains only. But the life in the mountains is not easy, the poor need food, the disable needs a support, and the injured needs treatment. To ensure all these necessities met, you must face-off your single rival that is in this game, getting ready for you to show up.

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