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ReVanced Manager APK v0.0.17 (Latest Version) – Free Download


19 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name ReVanced Manager APK
Latest Version v0.0.17
Last Updated 19 April 2023
Publisher ReVancedTeam
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (3)

If you are tired of all the annoying advertisements appearing in between your videos when you are watching YouTube, then we have something for you that you are going to love. We are bringing you ReVanced Manager APK. through this, you can watch and download unlimited ad-free YouTube videos. This is an upgraded version of Vanced App and it offers all premium features for the users for free. 

With the new policy updates and API changes of YouTube and Google, you might see Vanced App getting closed in a short while. But you all do not have to panic because a new group of android app developers has invented a new and better version of Vanced app which is ReVanced Manager APK where you enjoy AD-free access not only to YouTube but also Reddit, and Twitter. 

The brand new app will assist you in compiling and building an enhanced YouTube ReVanced application where you can access all your favorite YouTube videos without having to watch unnecessary ads. YouTube is experimenting with showing five ads instead of two at the start of a video. If this policy is implemented, then many users might switch to applications like ReVanced Manager APK. So, be smart and act before others, download the app, and start using it now. 

More about ReVanced Manager APK 

Due to the request of Google, Vanced app had to pledge to stop working and shut down their app because of a major revenue loss to YouTube. If you did not know why Vance app is so popular then let us just give you an idea about what did it do. With Vance app, you had the option to play a video in the background, play picture-in-picture, and you could play music or any other sound when while using another app or keeping the screen off. 

All the features mentioned above will now be available in ReVanced Manager APK with an addition that now you will be able to use Reddit and Twitter. ReVanced Manager APK is a great alternative to Vance App which will most likely stop its services within a year or two. 

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Features of ReVanced Manager APK

Here are some of the updated features that we believe would interest you in ReVanced Manager APK.

  1. Dark mode
  2. Ad-free browsing experience
  3. Ad-free YouTube
  4. Ad-free Reddit
  5. Ad-free Twitter
  6. All features of Vanced app are available 
  7. Auto-repeat option
  8. Video play in the background
  9. Listen to the audio while using other applications 
  10. Comment section provided: share your feedback
  11. Mini-player available

To explore more, please click on the download link and install the application on your phone. 

How to download ReVanced Manager APK?

You can download this in a few easy steps. Downloading this is safe and we have made sure it does not affect your device. You do not have to feel insecure, just install it on your phone and use it once, you will love this app.

  1. Click on the download button provided to you on our site
  2. Go to your device settings and enable “unknown resources”
  3. Visit the device download folder and find ReVanced Manager APK
  4. Click on the app and install it
  5. Open the app and start using it


This is an application that not only takes care of your entertainment but also your health. Developers have integrated an option of an AMOLED dark mode that protects your eyes if you spend more time on the application. Moreover, you as a user have the ultimate authority over the application, you can personalize and customize everything in the app. You can even rewrite the codes according to how you like your app to respond to your commands. Moreover, the app lets you change the video resolutions whenever you want. It lets you have control over the audio speed when it is running in the background. So, do not wait for more, just click on the download link and try it now. 

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