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RevHeadz Mod APK

RevHeadz Mod APK v1.28 (Latest Version) – Free Download


10 July 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name RevHeadz Mod APK
Latest Version v1.28
Last Updated 10 July 2023
Publisher RevHeadz
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Music & Audio
3/5 Rating (1)

Talk about innovation and this app will blow your mind with the features it offers. And if you are an automobile enthusiast then hold on, you are at the perfect place. You can hear the sounds of your favorite cars here with this app. You must be wondering how is it possible. To clear all your confusion, let us tell you that this platform is bringing your favorite vehicles near you. Does not matter if you cannot buy one, but you can get the vibe of sitting in it by listening to the sound of that car with this app. Download the app to experience all the features for free. 

About RevHeadz Mod APK

RevHeadz Mod APK comes with the best of the best sound quality. It is known for the best sound that it produces when you play the vehicle sound. It feels like you are sitting beside the vehicle in real. You can make the experience sound even better by connecting an external speaker to your android device. It will enhance the intensity and volume of the sounds which are available in the app. These are the car that you will be able to listen to AUD R8 LMS GT3, CHEV CAM GT3, CHEV COR C7.R, FER 488 GT3, CHEV COR C7.R, FER 488 GT3. 

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You will be getting a simple interface that will lead you to the sounds of your cars easily. Live the life of having a luxurious car collection with this app even if you cannot afford one. Install this app, switch off all the lights in your room and play these sounds on the speakers. Imagine the feeling of that moment. It will surely be an invaluable time to spend like that. 

It is the mod version of the app that we are bringing you here. If you go and install the original version. It will ask you to pay for listening to different cars but you can unlock all features just by installing this mod app. Mod apps are meant to provide the features that are not available to the free users in the original apps and this app is also doing that for all of you out there who want all the features for free. There is not a single time when this app asks you for any subscriptions or anything else. Right after installing it, you can start using the features directly. You do not need to do anything else at all. 

Features of RevHeadz Mod APK

The features that will interest you the most in this app are being focused on in this section. You can further explore other things in this app by downloading it from our site whose link has been provided on this page. 

  • Car sounds

The premium sound of a luxurious car that you wish to have in your garage is waiting for you in this app. Visit the app and end your thirst for these cars by getting the vibe of driving them in the middle of the night by playing these sounds. 

  • Sound quality 

It has supreme sound quality that does look like the car is standing right in front of you. You will also feel it when you play these sounds by yourself. 

  • Free of cost

The app does not ask for any fees or other charges from its customers for the services. It is completely free. 


RevHeadz Mod APK is a unique app that comes with an entirely different and innovative function to help car enthusiasts have a feeling of interacting with their favorite car. It has a variety of car sounds available. We hope you enjoy the app. Have fun and keep visiting. 

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