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Rise of Eros APK v1.0.700 [Latest Version] Download Android


24 September 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Rise of Eros APK
Latest Version v1.0.700
Last Updated 24 September 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.2/5 Rating (12)

To start with, we would like to tell you that this is an AAA game for adults and is one of the first of its kind. Games that are high-budget and published by well-known publishers are considered AAA games and Rise of Eros APK is one of them. You can predict from its category that this game is going to be exciting and full of adventure. Rise of Eros APK revolves around the story of Incase who is an archeologist by profession. Her boyfriend Hunter whom she loved with all her heart dies in a tragic car accident. She could not digest the reality that her boyfriend is in more. Therefore, she starts a venture to find some way she could bring her boyfriend back to life. She spent all her life finding a way for the resurrection of the dead. 

She heard about some sealed documents in which the God of desire is imprisoned and after finding them and heard that she could free the God of desire who has the power to resurrect her dead boyfriend. and befriends a grave thief called Cartilla and begins her search for the hidden artifacts.  When they free the God of desire, he tells them he was killed and sealed inside these documents and one of his wives was reincarnated as Incase, who freed him from the prison.

Eros who is the God of desire asks Incase to help him regain his powers so that he could bring her boyfriend back to life. Incase agreed to help him because she wanted her boyfriend back and Eros looked more like her dead boyfriend Hunter.

About Rise of Eros APK

Rise of Eros is a role-playing game (RPG) where you show your fighting skills. Each character will possess three skills at a time and you will be participating in story-based battles and search for the goddess who had sealed Eros so that he could resurrect Hunter. Rise of Eros App allows you to make your squad and participate in thrilling battles. 

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Rise of Eros APK is an exciting and adventurous game developed by Ecolab and AAA gamers which are the most trusted developer in the globe. The Game is high-budgeted and contains all the waited-for features of the Game before and it is the latest version of the Game. It has a long story which you must proceed with to unlock the mission and reach your destiny, the end unlocking splendid prizes and grants.

The story comprised in Rise of Eros APK wonders around Incase who is an Archeologist and her boyfriend Hunter whom she loves the most. She disbelieves the tragic death of her boyfriend and commits to bringing back his life. She starts her journey to find a way for the resurrection of the dead and hears about the imprisonment of God Eros inside a seal that has the power to bring death to their lives. Lastly, she rivals with many characters seeking the hidden seal for the Eros and finally finds it.

Eros seeks her help to find the seven goddesses who imprisoned Eros to regain his power. Incase consents for her boyfriend to be alive. Your real journey of yours starts here with Rise of Eros APK where you go on an adventurous and thrilling journey to find the Goddess.

More About The App

Rise of Eros APK is a High-budgeted Game with an exciting, thrilling, adventurous, horrifying, and entertaining story. This APK is developed by the most trusted developers in the world AAA Gamers. The Game weight is large because of the massive content it comprises. Although it is heavy, it runs efficiently in moderate android operating systems also.

Rise of Eros APK possesses all the features. It is a free APK to download. Moreover, the Sign Up, Streaming, and Subscriptions are free. The App is safe with no malware, bugs, and Viruses and runs on any android system. Rise of Eros APK is developed with several 18+ adult scenes during the story. The difficulty level is described as you go high it increases along. The APK is available on the Google Play Store but that requires Subscription charges so, download the APK from here and start your new journey with the premium version of Rise of Eros APK free of cost.

The real gameplay starts from this point where these characters will go on an adventurous journey to find seven goddesses and the one who had killed and imprisoned Eros. Rise of Eros APK is an RPG for adults belonging to the 18+ age group. This is because the Rise of Eros APK consists of many exotic characters who wear short clothes. 

Features of Rise of Eros APK

Let us tell you a few of the main features of the app

  1. An RPG games
  2. Quality sound
  3. Eye-catching graphics
  4. Gallery to see 3D female characters
  5. Free download
  6. Free streaming
  7. Registration is not required 
  8. Easy interface

More Features

  • It is the Premium version with all the features unlocked without any cost.
  • All the levels are updated and run efficiently.
  • High-Quality graphics.
  • Modern Audio System.
  • 3D characters.
  • Lessons and ports for beginners.
  • Saving option available when you take a break somewhere.
  • No Ads in the middle of the Game.
  • User-friendly and best interface.
  • The Game is genuine and licensed by the most famous and authentic developers in the world.
  • Rise of Eros APK is developed for adults as it contains 18+ Characters and scenes.
  • The APK is safe and free of any harm to your system.

How to download and install Rise of Eros APK on your device?

Downloading Rise or Eros APK is simple. Just follow these steps and you will get it on your phone. 

  1. Find the download link on our site and click on it
  2. Download link will start downloading Rise of Eros APK on your phone
  3. Go to device settings and enable “unknown resources” 
  4. Go to device downloads and click on Rise of Eros App
  5. After installation, open the game and start playing


Rise of Eros App is a trending gaming application. From the description, you might think that it is an easy-to-play game but developers have made sure that the difficulty level increases after each level. The players come with different attacking tactics and the game take turns now and then. You are going to have a great experience with Rise of Eros App. Download the secure APK file from our site and do let us know if you face any problems with the downloading process. 

Rise of Eros APK is an amazing adventure and entertaining 18+ Games with all the best features and levels free of cost. The Game has earned millions of praising reviews from the user and in a short period, it has developed millions of users worldwide. I highly recommend this game to the user who is interested in adventurous and exciting entertaining Games. Download Rise of Eros APK by clicking on the above link and start your new journey with the most magnificent Game in the world.

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