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Road Trip Game APK

Road Trip Game APK v1.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Giant Fish

27 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Road Trip Game APK
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 27 April 2023
Publisher Giant Fish
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Racing games have always been matter of entertaining yourselves with minimum device specifications because mostly these games do not require sophisticated internal buildup like large RAM and others. Road Trip Game APK is a survival car racing game in which the players are put into a terrifying situation where they strive to save themselves from the danger of meeting an accident while driving a car through the tough routes of a deserted land. The desert routes are a real challenge for the players where they face different obstacles like police check posts, heavy traffic, bad weather, extreme hot conditions, and much more.

About Road Trip Game APK

Road Trip Game APK will revive your childhood memories of playing a racing game like you used to play when you were young. The inspiration of this game is from the widely famous game Need For Speed. This game will take you on a tour of a deserted place, on the way, you will meet different situations when your survival might seem impossible but this is the basic essence of this game, you have to overcome these tasks and move on with your mission. As you continue your drive, you will be completing certain levels. You can always seek help from the surrounding as there are lots of stuff that can come in handy during the entire journey.

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In Road Trip Game APK, you will receive a private letter from weakened mother. You will strive towards fulfilling her last wishes by completing all the levels of the game. You will only have a limited access to the resources in this game because most of the game setup is done by the players themselves. The first thing that you will do is to repair that car and make it worthy of bring driven. You can find the accessories from your surrounding and collect them after which you will integrate everything into the broken car and when it is finally ready then you will embark on your journey.

Features of Road Trip Game APK:

  1. Desert route

In racing games before, we have experienced this as well that the most challenging route is the one that features a desert. This is why you are being provided with a similar route in this game as well to make your time more fun.

2. Story

The story is about a son whose weakened mother is taking her last breaths and want him to fulfill some of her last wishes before she departs from this world. The son takes on this responsibility and leaves the home to make that happen.

3. Silent environment

The whole idea of the game is to make it look more terrifying. Nothing can be more dangerous than silence itself.

4. Driving

The driving strategy is simple, you have to save yourself from the threats and make sure that there is no harm to the car.

5. Surrounding

You will find a mixed surrounding that is full of dangers like terrifying animals that attack you out of no where. On the other side, you will also find a helping environment as well like there is an abundance of food as you reach the finish line of different levels.


Road Trip Game APK is an all new desert racing game where the players encounters different challenges like dangerous animals and other obstacles like bad weathers. You will need to have a good weapon with yourself to be able to kill those animals that appear to kill you. You will see an entirely new concept of racing in this game because the game is not just restricted to reaching at a finish line but it has much more to offer.

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