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Seal APK v1.0.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


2 August 2023 (12 months ago)

App Name Seal APK
Latest Version v1.0.2
Last Updated 2 August 2023
Publisher CouchPotato
Requires Android 4.4 and up
1/5 Rating (1)

Because of advancements in technology and the proliferation of the internet in today’s society, it was maintaining contact with any of your friends or relatives can happen in milliseconds. As a result, it has resulted in people’s lives becoming less complicated and more convenient overall. For example, in days gone by, individuals had to wait for a letter to be delivered to its intended recipient. In today’s modern world, however, this process takes only a few seconds; in fact, it would be more accurate to state that it takes no time at all for the letter to reach its intended destination.

These developments in communication methods have brought with them a rise in the number of insecurities. As a result, people today have a greater sense of insecurity than they did in the past. Because there are now a significant number of cons that using the private information of individuals in order to blackmail those individuals because of these concerns, many people choose not to use the various mobile applications that are available.

On the other hand, software developers are working on applications that will be the antidote for those problems that people are having in light of these concerns that the general public are facing. One of these applications is the Seal APK, which peoples widely consider the most effective answer to all of the problems they are experiencing.

About the Seal APK application

Seal communication is a private and secure messaging service that encrypts all messages, media, and files by default. It offers additional security features like self-destructing messages, screenshot protection, denial of forwarding, and secure downloads. The app combines an extremely high level of security with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface and user experience. In addition, Seal provides users with a variety of entertaining emoticons and stickers.

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Unfortunately, the currently available messengers are insecure and will sell your personal information to anyone who pays the highest price. By guaranteeing that their messages are only read by the person for whom they were intended, we provide our users the peace of mind they deserve.

More about Seal APK

The Seal apk has a content rating of Parental advice, and you can install and download it on android devices with an API level of 21 or higher. Seal Live is a platform that enables users to live stream and live video chat, make new friends and showcase their skills, give and receive virtual gifts, communicate with friends in real time, and engage in video conversations with those friends.

The app guarantees a higher confidentiality level for data services access using modern methods and one-time keys. The solution can be MFA or 2FA (also known as 2FA). You can use the Seal to enter and present to a site or program and to sign/verify payment activities. Seal APK is ideal for embedding and using processes while working with Banking, wallet applications, access to Internet services, or any online service that asks for a name and password, which Seal manages with one button.

Features of the application

A Real-Time Video Conversation: Reduce the user’s time waiting for the host to respond by making the host’s response faster.

Aesthetic benefits: Following the successful recognition of your face, it will enable the special effects, making you even more desirable despite the fact that you are already stunning.

Process in the background: Apps need this permission in order to access and use foreground services.

Request that battery optimizations be disregarded: Apps can now request permission to disable power-saving measures for themselves.


Therefore, if your interests are in safe and secure communication, this program is specifically for your needs. So get it today and enjoy completely secure texting from this moment on.

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  • Hussein

    2 years ago

    Good exceptional app greatly appreciated.