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Solo Leveling Arise APK v1.0.24 [Latest Version] For Android


24 April 2024 (3 months ago)

App Name Solo Leveling Arise
Latest Version v1.0.24
Last Updated 24 April 2024
Publisher Netmarble
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Size 140 MB
5/5 Rating (3)

Solo Leveling Arise APK is a hunting game based on webtoon named, solo leveling. This game has griping story line that engages players immediately. Whenever players login to this game sudden serotonin rush provide them solace. This Hunting game incorporates elements of role playing games. Its unmatched graphics, crisp pixels, high quality and smooth interface makes it best among other of its type. In this game players take on the role of weakest hunter, Jinwoo.

Underestimated by all the fellow hunters, he emerged as strongest among them. Players turn his manifestation into reality with their top notch gaming skills. Those who have no idea about its webtoon version are still captivated by its story line and play it with same enthusiasm. Not just its story line and graphics are top notch, but its playing mode and weapon collection are not less than any premium hunting game.

About The Solo Leveling Arise APK

Do you ever think of playing your favorite webtoon series in the form of game with full control on story and players fate? If not then you are mistaken.  Level up your manifestation because Solo Leveling Arise APK is here to break all the records and change the fate of hunting game genre. This game is based on famous series named, solo leveling.  This game is full with captivating features from plot to graphics, story line to twists it’s all in one package.  For all webtoon fans this game is like a treat because they can first handedly experience original story of webtoon series. It’s hunting game in which players take on role of Jinwoo.

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As the story start Jinwoo was considered as weakest hunter of the society and every one used to demean him. But once the story progress, his hunting skills got improved and he emerged as strongest hunter. Players make thoughtful choices and help him get the title. Moreover players can also team up against the enemies and player hunting in groups, this solely depend on their choice and preference. This game has smooth and user friendly interface.

More About The App

Moreover, all its features are understandable and easy to operate. Graphics of this game are top-notch and separate it from others of this kind. Developers have paid special attention to its pixels in order to enhance gamer’s experience. Although it is webtoon based game but players are not bound to original story line, as they can independently manipulate the story and make individual choices. This aspect add unpredictable element to the game. If we talk about hunting equipment and all the gadgets collection of this game then the all complement to this games excellence. Players can easily get access to all the gadgets without any additional subscription charges and choose from collection according to their hunting style.

Features of The Solo Leveling Arise APK

  • Role playing game

This game is role playing hunting game in which players play role of a hunter who was initially weakest among other hunter but eventually emerged as strongest.

  • Team game

Players can play this game in groups and teams to complete the assigned task and hunt the target effectively.

Team Building: Players can build different teams by combining various hunters, abilities, and tactics.

  • Various difficulty levels

This game has different level of difficulties, so players cans select according to their expertise.

  • Manipulating the webtoon story

Players can change the story of the game according to choices they made, so this is not predictable at all and hence add exciting element to the game.


Solo Leveling Arise APK is a must try game because of its top notch graphics, excellence story line, crisp pixels, unpredictable story plot, and extensive collection of hunting gadgets. If you are fan of hunting and role playing game then this game is a must try.

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